New ‘voice leads’ service and free-to-list portal get set to launch in UK

A new service is to launch in the UK supplying voice leads to agents.

Triplerr has already gone live in Dubai and New York earlier this year, and yesterday launched a crowdfunding campaign seeking £750,000 to help its UK expansion.

The pitch, on Seedrs, values the firm at an astonishing £9m.

Triplerr operates by receiving online enquiries from property seekers – who find the service by “many” landing pages and social media campaigns.

A Triplerr representative then telephones the property seeker and asks them a series of questions about their requirements.

The call is recorded and the information contained in it matched to agents with properties that tally with the customer’s search criteria.

Matched agents then receive an alert on the Triplerr app that a new voice lead is available. Agents can then listen to the lead and choose whether to purchase it or not. Until the point of purchase, the service is free.

Once purchased, the agent is connected to the customer.

The whole process is said to take ten minutes.

Triplerr is also providing a free-to-list property portal,

When property hunters inquire after properties, this triggers phone calls to them by Triplerr’s representatives, within 300 seconds.

Triplerr, which will shortly go live in London, has been founded by Sam Singh, who said: “Having proven the Triplerr technology works in the New York and Dubai, we are now incredibly excited to bring it to the UK market.

“The ‘voice lead’ concept we’ve invented more than doubles the amount of information gathered by online property search portals, to help agents follow up with the customers they’re most able to help with their search.

“Our research shows that nearly half (44%) of property hunters in the UK would rather speak to a person about their house hunt and so our technology will help agents deliver a better quality of service for customers and generate more revenue themselves.”

Triplerr says that its research across the UK also showed that 28% of property hunters complained that agents do not phone them back or reply to enquiries about properties.

The crowdfunding pitch had already raised over £450,000 yesterday, which included a £200,000 investment from chairman Harold Gittelmon.


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  1. Bless You

    I thought I read free to list in title.. this will happen one day. lobbyists seriously need to get to gov’t. To protect out industry with service standards and qualifications.

    Nobody should be able to negotiate their own sale without qualifications. It’s not fair on the consumer buyers even if the seller doesn’t mind losing £1000’s by doing it themselves.

    P.s. any word from #onthemarket an the great rightmove switch off yet?


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