New video launches to help end most tenancy deposit disputes

A video has been launched which is intended for agents and landlords to lend to tenants to show them how to clean properties to a professional standard when they move out.

Aimed at prevent tenancy deposit disputes, it is the brainchild of former letting agent and independent adjudicator for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, Joanna White, who heads up a firm called Property Principles.

Cleaning is the single biggest cause of tenancy disputes, cited in 60% of cases, and preventing the speedy return of deposits.

The Clean Up video, which comes with a booklet, is not a lesson in how to clean, but a series of practical, clear explanations of the standards of cleaning expected in the rental market.

These are generally higher and more comprehensive than those of even the most house-proud.

The video has been welcomed by ARLA and the Association of Professional Inventory Providers, APIP.

White said: “Time and time again large sums of money are deducted – correctly – from deposits only because a property has not been cleaned to the professional standards that will have applied when a tenancy started.”

The Clean UP video and book are an introductory launch price for rental of £1.50 (this allows a one-off viewing) or £5.99 to buy outright. It is the first in a series of guides to be published for the benefit of landlords and tenants.

The video, brilliant in our view,  is proof that the cleverest ideas are usually the simplest.

It lasts some 22 minutes and can be thoroughly recommended after a preview by EYE.

It is professionally shot and narrated, and completely non-patronising while also making what could be a very dull subject remarkably interesting. It is hard to think that any tenant would be insulted by its tone. We also think that both agents and landlords could learn a lot from it.

As we did.

EYE is embarrassed to admit that the standards of cleaning explained are way above what we have deemed to be perfectly acceptable in our own home. We will mend our ways while rushing out to buy a feather duster.

Believe us: This is excellent.

You can order it on



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  1. Simon Bradbury

    This is such a good idea! I’m going to pass it on to our Property Management department asap.

    Thanks guys.

  2. MKM1979

    Absolutely brilliant… Leaves you asking why nobody thought of it before!! This will be a purchase. So much time and hassle to be saved!!!

  3. Katie H

    This is a fantastic idea and I would be happy to buy it straight away but the link is not working. Is anyone else having this trouble?

  4. Katie H

    Also, I wonder if The DPS would accept this evidence towards a dispute case? If we have signed proof that the tenants were supplied with it?

    1. Nick Salmon Managing Director of EYE

      Hi Katie H. I just tried the link and it works for me. If you still have a problem you can call  Property Principles on 08450 542 462

  5. Rosalind Renshaw

    Katie – I have put the link back in and it is working fine now.


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