New site for self-managing landlords has its membership reviewed by Rightmove

A site has been launched for self-managing landlords who specifically want to cut the cost of having a letting agent, while listing on both Rightmove and Zoopla.

Yesterday evening, Rightmove said it was reviewing its membership. has been started by Martin O’Hearne, who said that it is designed for landlords “who want to do it themselves, with all the tools they need to keep them compliant”.

A short explanatory video displays both Rightmove and Zoopla logos and says that landlords will be able to use both.

O’Hearne told us: “Uploading to the portals is automated on the OneLandlord site. They create their property on the site and then they upload to Rightmove, Zoopla etc via the OneLandlord software.

“Landlords can create tenancies, rent logs, manage tenancies, maintenance and repairs etc from the back-office – it’s all really simple and straightforward.”

On the site, OneLandlord stresses that it is not an online letting agent, but that its focus is on helping self-managing landlords.


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  1. Jacqueline Emmerson

    My friend advertises his properties on Gumtree. He is swamped with tenants wanting to rent from him.

    1. smile please

      Same as the post on Facebook

      “Anyone know of a private landlord?”

      Reason the majority of tenants want a private landlord…….

      1. CountryLass

        I always wonder why some Tenants seem so afraid of Lettings Agents… Is it just because of the cost, or is it because we ask questions and want them to provide proof of income, ID, past landlord references etc. Personally I would be wary of someone who didn’t want to provide that stuff.

        1. smile please

          Most people can stump up a few hundred quid for moving home.

          I believe its more likely that they feel they will not be referenced thoroughly and that if they did not pay the rent the landlord does not know the law so able to stay at the property longer.

          Even if it was down to the tenant not being able to afford a few hundred pounds and they did have nothing to hide, i personally would not want that person so strapped for cash living in my property, especially if i had a mortgage on it.


  2. Will

    I hope is is very good at vetting his applicants. Many scammers use sites where they thinks landlords might not be savvy.

  3. AgencyInsider

    Any amateur landlord is penny wise and pound foolish if they don’t employ a competent letting agent.

    1. smile please

      Brilliant line!

  4. DASH94

    I’ve just taken on a house with a tenant in place from a private landlord who’s moving abroad and wants it managing.    Every communication with the tenant is painful because as he tells me at every opportunity ‘I don’t like letting agents’.

    No explanation as to why, but, he still insists on texting the landlord – even though it’s us that have sorted out all his maintenance issues and problems at the house.  He handwrote all over his new contract ‘not paying any fees!’

    When we took it on, it had no smoke alarms, an expired gas safety and leaks.  But we’re the bad guys.  🙁


    1. smile please

      Imagin the warm feeling you will get when serving the section 21 at renewal stage 😉 

  5. AgentQ73

    Be nice if Rightmove reviewed some of their members who have self selling vendors, you know viewers book direct with you, you do your own viewings, deal with offers yourself, progress the sale yourself, arrange keyhand over yourself, deal with any problems yourself etc.


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