New property portal will spread the word about off-market luxury homes

A new property portal it to launch, dealing exclusively with the most expensive luxury homes in the capital – or, in London speak, prime and super prime properties.

The challenge for the new portal is that the properties to be showcased are sold discreetly, off-market.

Its platform acts as a referral tool, showcasing what are said to be superior property particulars via the Vyomm mobile app.

Vyomm has already recruited prominent partner agents –  the Mayfair branch of Carter Jonas, and Beauchamp Estate, headed up by Gary Hersham.

Russell Quirk has been appointed adviser to the founding team of Vyomm, launched by Utsav Goenka.

Goenka said: “Our short-term goal has been to recruit the best and most prominent Estate Agents in London as users, and the most experienced advisors spanning both the traditional and digital property sectors.

“I’m proud to be able to announce today that we are achieving these goals already with the recruitment of Beauchamp Estates and Carter Jonas as partner agents and Russell Quirk as adviser.

“This progress sets the foundations that will enable us to execute on our vision – to provide digital tools; property showcasing; off-market engagement; a CRM and communication tools and tech enablement for prime and super prime estate agents and their clients’.

Quirk said: ‘The property and proptech spaces are bursting with so-called solutions trying to find a problem to solve.

Vyomm is not one of those. Instead, it’s one of the cleverest, slickest platforms I’ve ever seen and genuinely makes for improving how prime and super prime agents and their customers engage.

“It’s the evolution of property portals with a lot more under the hood than just search. I’m truly excited about its prospects for London agents and indeed, internationally.”

Tim Macpherson,  head of residential sales at Carter Jonas, said: “We like the Vyomm product a lot.

“Much of what we are instructed upon is predicated upon discretion and therefore off-market.

“The Vyomm platform allows a clever means of discreetly showcasing those homes to selected buyers and makes for a faster, more effective and secure way for us to do business.”

Gary Hersham, founder of Beauchamp Estates, said: “The prime and super prime property market is incredibly competitive and it is important to present our properties as clearly and distinctly as possible.

“Vyomm helps with that by visualising property particulars in a uniquely elegant form which sets them apart from standard details.”

Until the end of this month, prime London agents can feature two properties free of charge on the site. The offer includes free photography.




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  1. 40yearvetran08

    So you go onto and there are lots of expensive properties to view. What is discreet about that? I must have missed something. Perhaps it is discreet because no one will know it is there.

    1. Bless You

      Looks very similar to 1Dome this a wordpress theme or the same people?   nice design whichever it is.
      Who designed this site?

  2. Ric

    erm… Off Market Property now On Market Property… Great idea.

    Although, lets not mock… could be worth £3bn with a weekend of crowdfunding.

    1. JonnyBanana43

      With Russ Quirk involved. YES.

      The Bruce brothers might help too.

      1. AgencyInsider

        Must get Ms Platt on board too!

        1. Ric

          Nah, I think Ms Platt is managing Man Utd at the minute. (Oh stop it… up the blues – The Citeh is ours)

  3. J1

    Won’t work – sorry

  4. SLF

    The only thing discreet about the site is that no buyers are likely to find it. It’s a small unknown portal that doesn’t seem to have had any form of marketing or promotion that lists some properties for sale.

    What am I missing?

    1. dwell

      Sounds familiar…

  5. Agent Derbyshire


  6. MrsF

    Never heard of it….and Quirk as adviser? Is that really a good start to a business?

  7. Ed Mead

    Am I missing something here. The words off-market are used but the first thing you see when you go on the site is properties advertised – so not really off-market?

    1. RussellQ

      Ed, As a portal for Prime properties Vyomm lists numerous on market homes for agents such as Carter Jonas, Beauchamp, Hanover etc etc. If they’re ON market, they are displayed on the site as you’d expect. The Showcase feature displays each one beautifully and particularly on mobile devices. It’s an elegant articulation of a listing brochure and superior to just a ‘Premium Listing’ or similar.

      In the case of OFF market listings these are uploaded to the platform but stay invisible to public visitors to Vyomm, hence you can’t see those. When the agent chooses to share one of the off market listings to a buying agent or a buyer a ‘magic link’ is produced that can be specifically set to expire within a certain time (in minutes, hours days or whatever the agent chooses); and can be restricted from being shared to others etc and is far more secure than a PDF being emailed around. There are in-depth analytics attached to track opening rates, time spent viewing each and so on.

      Vyomm is also a CRM, a lead management tool and allows comms within its dashboard agent to agent and from agent to seller.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Ric

        Nothing new! Many CRM systems allow you to mail out a “Web Listing” only private to the person you are mailing.

        Ours does and we use it for different reasons (circumstances).

        Really is nothing new, most CRM systems I would image are working towards mailing people this way as opposed to clumsy PDFs.

  8. NotAdoctor32

    Maybe we haven’t heard of it because they are targeting the super-rich and people that can afford to buy the properties.  It isn’t really going to work with an advert in the middle of EastEnders.

    Also, maybe it is just another solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.


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