New partnership ensures ‘agents are well-equipped to win more listings’, claims OTM

OnTheMarket (OTM) has this morning announced that it has agreed a new exclusive product partnership with property data specialists Sprift.

This announcement comes just a few months after OTM launched their new Market Appraisal Guides which are powered by Sprift, together with the launch in December of the new Market Appraisal Guide for lettings, also powered by Sprift.

As part of the next phase of the partnership, OTM agents can currently purchase exclusive access to SmartMail, the full-service prospecting system designed by Sprift. This allows for multi-trigger mailings to be sent directly to specifically targeted properties, whether they are listed with another agent or currently not on the market at all.

Designed as a full spectrum canvassing and prospecting tool, SmartMail allows for targeted campaigns to be run as well as bespoke canvassing.

The targeted campaigns aspect of the new tool includes specific triggers which can be configured so that agents receive alerts of newly listed properties, which then enables them to send templated letters directly to those addresses or, if preferred, to target those which have been listed with other agencies for a certain amount of time. SmartMail also enables agents to prospect individual properties, roads or catchment areas and can also be filtered by property type or value, depending on individual applicants’ requirements, again resulting in incredibly targeted prospecting.

The letters which can be sent directly to properties are available in various templates for agents to choose from and some templates, such as the ‘postcard’ option, provide agents with the ability to add their own personalisation by way of messaging or branding.

Jason Tebb, chief executive officer of OTM, commented: “I am delighted to be announcing our latest product partnership with Sprift, which will support our agents in building their pipelines as we start the New Year. This is increasingly important given the historic low stock levels we’re currently seeing. In a market where demand is still very much outweighing supply in many instances, now more than ever it really is all about inventory, and with the addition of the SmartMail prospecting tool we’re ensuring our agents are well-equipped to win more listings.”

Matt Gilpin, chief executive officer of Sprift, said: “By allowing agents to target both on and off market properties using incredibly specific triggers, SmartMail is the ultimate prospecting tool designed to support and build property pipelines. We’re pleased to be offering SmartMail to OnTheMarket agents, as we truly believe this is the natural next step in us continuing to empower agents and their businesses using property-centric data through our partnership with OnTheMarket.”


OnTheMarket’s new Sprift-powered market appraisal guides go live for member agents

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