New launch this spring pledges to deliver ‘not just another portal but future of the industry’

A new property ‘portal’ is due to launch this spring, pledging to charge agents nothing for listings or leads.

Behind it is Homesearch, a company which until now has focussed on producing marketing appraisal aids for agents to help them win instructions.

It claims to have information on all 28.8m homes in the country.

The company now says that it is poised to deliver “not just another portal but the future of the industry”.

In a message yesterday, it said: “Often the movements that really change the world start with a whisper.

“However now isn’t the time to make a song and dange about the future, it is the time to roll up our sleeves and make sure it’s a better place for when we arrive there . . .

“Over the past few days, with help and honest truths from agents closest to us, we believe we have engineered a long term solution.”

It says that Homesearch – it suggests that this is the consumer-facing name that will be used – will go live to the public on May 25.

It pledges to be an agent-first platform. While agents will not pay for listings, house builders will, and 50% of these charges will go towards helping homeless people and building social housing.

A message to agents yesterday, from Giles Ellwood and Sam Hunter of Homesearch, is described as a call to action.

It asks agents for support, and asks them to consider it as an option.

The pair conclude: “To the agents who’ve said yes so far, thankyou.”

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  1. smile please

    Homesearch and Sam are the good guys out there.

    Very interesting to see what they can get together.

    I would urge every agent to support them.


    Really impressed with the team at Homesearch. They really do provide great resources for agents. Their ethical approach also sits well with our company and I’m sure the same will be said for many other agents out there. I urge all agents to register their interest and support Homesearch in the coming weeks and months.

  3. Jay2Oh61 is another free portal used by lots of agents.

    p.s. No personal interest whatsoever, I just use them.

  4. J1

    The very best of luck

    Perhaps though now it’s time for no portals


    1. Property Pundit

      Good luck trying to put that genie back in the bottle! A portal has a role to play and serves the need of being a collective place to display as many properties as possible. The problem here is, the one that gained first-mover advantage has completely abused and corrupted the sector. No longer. Good portals will follow the demise of the current large portals.

  5. rightsignal_martyn

    homesearch are straightforward, easy to deal with and have a genuine desire to do whatever it takes to support agents.  I’m sure this iteration of their product will help agents understand and do more to secure more instructions by delivering extra value.

    We’re proud to supply homesearch with connectivity information (mobile and broadband speeds) via our API.

    Stay safe everyone.



  6. Woodentop

    Nothing is ever free in Business so what’s the catch for income?


    OK you say its free to agents, great I can use you and be on as many free portals as I like.


    Not that straightforward! Am I jumping into bed with someone who is then going to cream my customers and reflect on my business and is it really going to get the consumers to switch away to yet another portal? Just because it is free and may have a great business plan, it is down to them to communicate and prove it, not me have to search and dig for answers. Many have discovered that blind faith doesn’t work.

    1. SamH

      Thanks to everyone for the words of support.   Woodentop, there are optional features agents can take up which come with a charge. That’s how we keep the lights on. It’s all outlined as clearly as we could on the link Ros mentioned at the end of her piece. If you still have questions, give me a call anytime.


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