New estate agency launches with plans to disrupt the sector by selling homes for free

A new Stockport-based estate and letting agency, Property Sense, has opened its doors in the borough with an ambitious five-year business plan to disrupt the sector.

Property Sense enables sellers to list their homes without paying a penny, and homeowners also stand to make money with the new estate and letting agent’s pricing structures.

The estate agency opened its doors to its Exchange Street headquarters in Stockport this week.

Its ambitious five-year plan aims to onboard 5,000 properties onto their managed services and capture a commanding 70% market share of new online sales instructions.

Alex Cunningham, general manager at Property Sense, said: “It’s mind boggling to us that the process for buying and selling properties in the UK has not changed in some 200-plus years. That’s insane! Especially when considering how stressful and costly the journey is.

“Today marks the first day of the UK estate and letting agency industry doing things differently and to the benefit of sellers – and it’s well overdue!

“We pride ourselves on being uncomplicated, there’s no hidden costs here, there’s also no compromise – we offer the benefits of high street estate agency with the merits of online agents merged into an exclusive sales and lettings service that allows all to maximise on returns.

“It’s time for hardworking UK homeowners to reap rewards from property, whether selling, letting or managing portfolios.”

So, how will Property Sense make money?

The agency’s aim is to generate income through other revenue streams.

Property Sense says it will pay UK homeowners to sell their home and offer fully funded property maintenance and repairs with guaranteed rent.

Property Sense services will take care of home sales, lettings, and property management with some distinct estate agent products available. Products will include an account manager to support customers through the process from start to finish.

Property Sense also offers its landlord customers property management packages that include fully funded property maintenance and repairs too.

It is not yet known how how much the property management service costs, or what profit margins will be applied to property maintenance and repairs, as well as the guaranteed rent service.

EYE has approached Property Sense requesting further information.



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  1. skipdale

    Haven’t heard this before!

    1. Bless You

      It’s mind boggling that people still go to the shop and pay for food…

      We aim to stop this. We give the food away for free and hope customers buy a magazine instead…

  2. Cyberpunk35

    Anyone else ready to swap their prize cow for a bag of magic beans?

  3. Chris Arnold

    Purplebricks, glocal to name just two.

  4. EAMD172

    Please can I invest £26m! This sounds so ground breaking and disruptive!

  5. JW

    An offering on their website that is as clear as mud! Truly “mind boggling”.

  6. jeremy1960

    Oh dear, another disruptor? Their website has virtually no information on it, all looks very suspicious, where will they be in a year’s time?

  7. Gangsta Agent

    oh dear…………………………………….disrupt the sector

  8. Mike Bidwell

    My father once told me that there’s only one thing that’s free in life ….. ‘bad advice’

  9. Hit Man

    An observation about their website might catch the attention of the NTSELAT. Despite advocating transparency with “No Hidden Costs,” they neglect to comply with regulations mandating the disclosure of rental fees.

    1. Write O Right.

      No website terms or Cookie policy, ICO would probably be interested in that!

      1. Hit Man

        When someone takes a stand, they should brace themselves for criticism. I’m certain the local agents will seize this opportunity.

  10. Mothers Ruin

    I have no idea how the sector will recover after this. Deja Vu!

  11. Yorkshireman

    Property No Sense unlimited!
    Money to burn and burn it will.

  12. KByfield04

    I see we have now surpassed doing stuff for free and are now paying clients for their business. Whilst most accept the UK agency is cheap (in % terms) to our global counterparts (for both sales AND lettings) there are still those adamant that things can be cheaper. With the average agent making around 16% profit, that a tough margin to undermine! If, this new service is ‘better’ than us 200-year-old-peddlers then why is it cheaper? I thought people were happy to pay for a better customer journey?


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