New estate agency launches with ‘Exchange Ready’ approach to selling homes

James Quinn and Andrew Ord

A new estate agency has launched covering Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

The founders of the new company, James Quinn and Andrew Ord, say they are dedicated to improving the house moving process.

‘Canopy’ aims to simplify and streamline the home buying and selling process with the introduction of its innovative ‘Exchange Ready’ concept.

This means every property marketed by Canopy is prepared for exchange as soon as buyers are ready, with a view to significantly speeding up the property transaction process. This is achieved by providing the sellers conveyancing information and carrying out a RICS home survey before the property goes on the market.

Quinn explained: “Having spent years in the property and surveying sectors, we’ve identified the main pain points for home buyers and sellers. With Canopy, we’re addressing these issues head-on, starting with our local communities in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We’re excited to bring this fresh, efficient approach to the local property market and help more people move into their dream homes without the usual headaches.”

Ord added: “Buying a home is often seen as a stressful and prolonged process. With Canopy, we aim to change that by making it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our ‘Exchange Ready’ homes mean fewer delays, fewer surprises, and more confidence for buyers and sellers alike.”



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  1. Targeting 3 week exchanges

    Spend a week with a conveyancer and you’ll understand why that won’t help.

    It’s the shoddy contract pack these days, missing so much. Take an auction pack or a new building developers pack – both rubbish in general too.

    And then worse yet, is acting on sales, as you face the nightmare of the buyer’s conveyancer who (1) feel the need to always raise enquiries and (2) then the enquiries are in the main pointless.

    Finally, add to the mix the lack of care of conveyancers to be quick, even remotely, and you are doomed to the same pace we all face at the moment.

    Until….you stop using mediocre conveyancers and make sure each part of the chain has a good conveyancer. A buyer’s offer is bad unless their conveyancer is good.

    Good = (1) not the top 10 firms we can all name (2) who commits to a timescale upfront (3) who doesn’t use regulated/personal searches (4) whose stance is no enquiries unless absolutely necessary.

    1. HellofromSurrey

      Be interesting to hear why using a regulated search is problematic? In some areas, they are quicker, cheaper and more reliable than an official search

    2. jan-byers

      How do you know who is a good conveyancer util you have instructed them

      1. Shaun Adams

        good agents know which conveyancers are good

  2. Shaun Adams

    I applaude these agents. Our current system is useless and slow mainly due to the time it takes for sellers to instruct a conveyancer and get a draft contract pack out takes many weeks. Often the draft contract raises many enquiries. We get this done before launching a property to market and filling the pack with documents to stop many enquiries is the first step. When nailed we can also look at pushing for speeding up searches and mortgage offers. A five month sale should be done in two weeks.

  3. jan-byers

    Good luck getting the vendor to pay for a survey LOL


      2 weeks seems a bit optimistic especially if the buyer has gone to a factory but even if they’ve instructed a proactive conveyancer there’s still Searches and Enquiries and Reporting to the client and the Lender.
      I think a target of 8 weeks (maybe 6, maybe10) is more realistic and achievable given firms can achieve that already. 5 months isn’t the norm. The over reliance on technology and the force feeding of the factories by estate agents that have slowed the process for some by using technology instead of qualified or experienced conveyancers. We complete regularly in 8 weeks as do firms like us: no referral fees: no cheap fees: keep client updated.

      1. Shaun Adams

        Two weeks is done in Australia, searches can be done in a week. Too many searches due to half empty contract packs.


    Also, I’m not sure providing the Survey is the breakthrough they think it is.
    But certainly their approach is refreshing.
    Having the Title reviewed and perfected before listing would be a good idea.


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