‘New chapter’ for OnTheMarket as fresh website and branding launched

OnTheMarket (OTM) has launched its new website and branding this morning, marking ‘the biggest moment for OnTheMarket since its launch nearly seven years ago’, according to its CEO Jason Tebb.

The new-look portal brings additional products, services and functionality to support OTM’s strategy aimed at increasing market share and further challemnging the dominance of Rightmove and Zoopla.

The new user interface and features have been re-designed, with a suite of upgrades, features and improvements. These include functionality utilising intuitive search such as Wish List, Help Me Choose, Travel Time Search, and Street Search, as well as UX updates to Ask The Agent, Reserve Buyers List and Viewing Time Requests.

Emphasising that OTM features some properties 24 hours or more before its competitors, they are now specifically labelled as ‘Only With Us’.

ITM has added a new countdown clock feature to show consumers what time remains until Only With Us listings will be made available to other portals, while listings totally exclusive to OTM are still labelled as Only With Us but do not feature the countdown clock.

The new branding and execution will be featured in the new TV advert and supporting multi-platform campaign that is launching in late December.

Jason Tebb, chief executive officer of OTM, said: “This is the biggest moment for OnTheMarket since its launch nearly seven years ago and represents the start of a new chapter for the business. I pledged real change for agents and consumers within 12 months and this is proof that we’re keeping that promise.

Jason Tebb
Jason Tebb

“I’m delighted to introduce improvements that will kick-start a change in the way consumers search for their dream home.  We are listening, innovating and delivering for both consumers and agents and our new website strengthens our position as a leading player in the industry.”

He continued: “The team have worked incredibly hard over the last few months to produce a fresh, new user experience with innovation and differentiation at its core. What’s even more exciting is that this is just the start, we’re already working on releasing more new functionality planned for Q1 2022 and we’ll be constantly updating and upgrading the site functionality in the future. I believe that, for the first time since launch, OnTheMarket is leading the way in design and development for others to follow.”

“The most consistent feedback from my Town Hall meetings was that our agents said they want us to focus on lead quality rather than just lead volume,” he added. “The message has been loud and clear, our agents told us that they don’t need more leads just for the sake of it, they need serious home seekers, sellers, tenants and landlords. Our new site has been designed to deliver just that.”



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  1. Ric

    I think it is an interesting chapter they are about to enter…


    The final year of the fiasco that was the IPO Roadshow… Feb 2022 the final year chapter for some? many? lots?


    Will Feb 2023 see a lot of original Gold Member EA’s cash their chips and leave, or just leave and hope for a Divi one day?



  2. HIT MAN

    The early exclusive listing with OTM does work 90% of our properties have had viewings and offers within the first 72 hours which has allowed us to leave Rightmove. We list our properties first on our own website and social media 12 hours before anywhere then with OTM 24 hours before the other portals, Not on Rightmove anymore working smart will finally give us financial freedom from all portals.

    1. Ric

      Morning HIT MAN


      I’m curious… what percentage of the 90% are under offer within 24 hours?


      You post implies that from 25 hours onwards your listings will be on “the other portals” (but I assume NOT RM) so hours 25 to 72 what percentage come from where? I would love to know what other portals are working for who. (It would help the industry to know)


      I am keen to see a plan that works… your plan is also to drop OTM I assume? i.e. “freedom from all portals”


      Not trying to be awkward with the questions, simply keen to know more about what works. (or doesnt)

      1. HIT MAN

        Approx 50% under offer in first 24 hours off our database, Website & SM then 40% in the next 25 – 72 hours from OTM.
        We have a large database of potential buyers who receive an early call ‘Email’ sent from our system, we then list for 24 hours on our Website and SM this generates new buyers interests and adds to our database, then 48 hours with OTM before Zoopla and Primelocation, we don’t use any other portal. OTM have a massive database of registered buyers, We have only sold 1 property in the past year which came from an enquiry from Zoopla.
        We have been with OTM since 2015 and done this for years we also have other things up our sleeve which helped us escape the RM trap.
        We intend to leave Z/PL in the future at the end of our current contract and will remain with one portal OTM only.    

        1. Ric

          Thanks for the answer… much appreciated. We certainly haven’t been able to combat the “coming off RM” fall back unfortunately… when we tried it, even though we had viewers booked in and offers on some, the sellers still questioned why they weren’t on. One day perhaps, although soon I will not be on it, because we are down to critical stock levels again the little coming on selling quickly.


          Different areas, and different dilemmas I am sure.


          Interesting “free from all portals” is not quite “free from all portals” though… I think Google & Facebook and an Agents own website needs to be the ultimate goal.


          We signed to AM back in 2013 when we committed VERY early on to the loan notes in phase 1. (When OTM was a plan on a post it note), like you live on launch but we to date, I just don’t lose business for not being on OTM, whereas we do with RM (or so it seems)


          Weak-ass Estate Agent I am perhaps, but happy to admit, for now RM is the only portal which seems to carry a consequence of not being on it.


          When RM is no problem, I cannot see why being on ANY other portal will then matter, as you say yourself, so much of your work is done in-house before any portal takes credit.


          I appreciate they (OTM) have a data base though, as I hear of agents saying “register with OTM for exclusive property alerts” which makes me vomit that an agent would actually promo other agents property by doing this. Very odd.


          Again, cheers Hit Man and have a good Christmas.

          1. HIT MAN

            I’ve never heard a seller question why they weren’t on RM we make it very clear from outset that we don’t use them as we feel that we sell houses not the portals and we do mention how OTM is much better in any case, never have they disagreed, left or not listed with us our promise is if we don’t sell they don’t pay. It’s very easy at the moment where RM is not needed by any agent and if there was a better time to leave then that would be now. We left RM July 2018 and we have saves over £72,000 since we left. Not to be sniffed at…


            I have no problem promoting OTM or directing people to register for exclusive property alerts, the more that use OTM the better Id much rather they register with OTM than RM or Z. I feel as an majority Agent owned company they have our best interests at heart unlike the others.


            1. Ric

              Hey fair play. As I say, different areas different problems. I wish mine were not so RM focused, but it is what it is.


              Excellent job OTM, keep up the good work for us members.

  3. ScottL

    One of my colleagues just called me over to look at the new OTM site. Very impressive. Love what theyve done with the branding. Jason and OTM have totally nailed it.


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