New 360° Visualisation technology to help agents sell property off-plan

Estate agents specialising in new homes sales are no longer having to wait for a physical show home to be built or have to walk potential buyers around a building site to try and make a sale.

Now a virtual show home can be created from a floor plan alone, with listing agents able to show unlimited visitors around any unit they want to sell before the builders have even broken ground.

“Creating a virtual show home has never been easier,” said Mike Smithson from The Property Jungle, UK representatives of immoviewer 360° Visualisation technology.

The obvious advantage to the 360° Visualisation tool is that a virtual floorplan can be created before a brick is laid – a helpful tool for agents keen to sell property off-plan.

Smithson added: “The 360° Visualisation tool, built by our partners at immoviewer, is loved by clients and applicants alike. The visualisations are stunning and the attention to detail is immense.

“When in a virtual show home, it really feels as though you are walking around a real home, even down to the photos in picture frames and the light coming through the window.”

He continued: “The 360° Visualisation tool gives agents the opportunity to offer their developer clients a tailored service that maximises all opportunities to market and promotes properties in a safe, Covid-secure way.

“Agents, or developers, can create bespoke 360° visualisations to their specification, or they can be created from any of three different templated furnishing styles [Luxury, Modern and Scandinavian].”

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  1. Woodentop

    Oooops, now I recall a legal case where selling off plan, that did not look like the end result was a costly exercise. Make sure you are insured!

    1. The Property Jungle

      That would be the case for any and all developers who make false representations and doesn’t need technology to empower dishonesty or mis – representation.
      However, when a visualisation is created both carefully to ensure accuracy, and not as a replacement for sensible and normal good practice, they can generate interest that a 2D CGI is unable to create.
      A visualisation is created from the plans which have received planning permission, so the differences are only cosmetic, in much the same way that the furnishings in a show home differ from those of the buyer.
      No one would try to use a visualisation as the one and only material that was shown to a buyer before they were contractually committed, so it’s wilfully misleading to suggest that insurance is needed by anyone who uses them. 


  2. ImNotJustHereForTheComments

    The same could be said of flattering camera angles and less than honest write ups. If these are made using the builders plans it can’t be too far away from reality.


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