House Network tells clients to contact the administrators

House Network’s apparent second demise within about a fortnight is confirmed by a notice on its own website which appeared yesterday.

It says that any customers who paid a marketing fee before March 29 should contact the administrators. It does not name the administrators.

March 29 was the date that UAL acquired House Network out of administration, the administrators at that point being named as Hudson Weir.

However, as EYE exclusively reported yesterday, House Network stopped trading on Monday.

The latest notice follows a statement to EYE yesterday that UAL had refunded any vendor who had paid during its brief tenure.

The statement did not mention clients who had paid out earlier.

We have asked Hudson Weir for comment.

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    “We have asked Hudson Weir for comment.“

    Good luck with that, they have habitual lack of contact.

  2. mjacagent87

    These poor people. Not only have the staff not been paid for 6 weeks, lose the car, no job and can’t claim, now clients who made payments in good faith are not only out of pocket but are no longer on the market too.

  3. Mark Walker 2

    Glad you got the key point in the bottom left of the screenshot in.


    “Much cheaper then local agencys.” 

    “I would highly recommend them as superb value for money.”

    “very nice people to deal with and instead of paying thousands to “Churchills” and “abode” of this world i used the money saved to go on a cruise.”


  4. Woodentop

    Should be obvious by now on-liners are terrible employers and if you ever think about wanting to work for them …. think again, you have a high risk of being out of a job with little to no warning. How do you go home and explain it to the wife/husband and kids? No security = no future.

  5. PaulC

    Only way to save this is hit the power switch.

    Wait 30 seconds

    And reboot.

    It will reboot and the 15 years of customers and brand will bring green shoots.


  6. PeeBee

    As seen on Tw@tter:

    “We are offering House Network customers affected by House Network’s collapse a free service to keep their property on the market and reduce stress #housenetwork @HouseNetworkUK”

    Posted by…


    You couldn’t make this 5h!t up.

    (credit to Stephen Jury for spotting this, by the way…)


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