Mystery as new property portal launches offering cheap agency listings, but who is behind it?

A new property portal looking to attract agents by letting them list properties for just £4.95 a month has already angered firms by using dummy listings and contact information of agency brands without permission.

In another curious development, the SmartProp website was also displaying Rightmove’s company number on the foot of its website. This was deleted on Friday but still appeared in its privacy policy and terms and conditions.

EYE was emailed by SmartProp last week regarding the new portal, saying that agents could list their properties “without the crazy prices”, so we took a look at the website.

Several listings appeared attributed to an agency called Butler and Stag in Hampstead.

However Butler and Stag, while based in London, doesn’t have a branch in Hampstead.

Additionally, the address given for the agency was the same for Savills’ Hampstead branch.

A phone number on the site also didn’t work.

EYE checked with the real Butler and Stag, and director Michael Woolley said the site was nothing to do with his agency.

Some of the listings were actual properties Butler and Stag is displaying for let, so Woolley contacted SmartProp to get them removed.

He said the website’s external designer replied and said they were test listings that have now been removed.

Savills told EYE it has passed the issue to its legal team.

Rightmove said it had no connection to the business and would take appropriate action.

The actual company number suggests the company is called Smartprop Online, incorporated in November 2017, and has a sole director called Maryam Afreedi.

The website appears to let agents as well as private sellers and landlords pay to list properties.

EYE queried how many agents were on the portal and how consumers would find out about it.

A spokesman for SmartProp said: “The website will list both sales and rentals, as this allows estate agents to showcase more properties, and again this is unlimited. Buyers will also be able to contact an agent through SmartProp, as they do with Rightmove and Zoopla.

“We have had a few agents that have been interested and signed up to the site, although none have posted any properties as of yet. The listings on the website are not current, as far as I am aware.

“Consumers will be made aware of SmartProp through various advertising, social media accounts and estate agents. They are only offering listings for now but may look into other services at a future date.”

The spokesman didn’t respond to our queries on why the Rightmove company number had been used and why Butler and Stag listings had been uploaded.

All listings have now been removed.

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  1. PeeBee

    Why does the logo appear at the bottom of the landing page alongside that of SmartProp?

    1. Russell Williams

      Zoopla share properties with anyone who asks, for example – scroll down and you’ll see.  My guess is they are sharing with this sham too, but the switch hasn’t been flicked on yet.

  2. Beano200062

    Aside from the staggering naivety (Like me trying to set up a rival to google or facebook), fair play to this chap for trying to save me and my fellow agents around £895.05 per month. Imagine if we all piled in and left the others behind…..

    1. Smart_Prop

      We are happy to see that some people are recognising our ambition and intent. SmartProp is legally registered at Companies House (11052660). We have had agents sign up this morning. We offer a refreshing product of quality for estate agents who cannot afford to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds per month.

      1. PeeBee

        “SmartProp is legally registered at Companies House (11052660).”

        That is NOT the information you have published on your website.

        On your website, the following is incorrect:

        The company NAME

        The company NUMBER

        The company ADDRESS.

        Apart from those three things wrong in a three-thing thing to get right – all present and correct.

        1. PeeBee

          Oh – and you’re also quoting Rightmove’s VAT Number as well as Company Number.

          My confidence in you guys being straight has a long way to go to achieve ‘Larry Grayson’ level.

  3. P-Daddy

    Well disrupted PIE! Just need to tell Zoopla

  4. PeeBee

    There is no such company as “SmartProp Limited” as stated in their Ts & Cs.

    1. GPL

      ….perhaps they should rebrand now

      I offer “Daftmove” as an ideal brand, free of charge.

      1. htsnom79

        I would advertise on this portal!


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