Myhomemove and Countrywide are largest conveyancers

The majority of conveyancing is still being done by smaller firms, new Land Registry data shows.

In May, the Land Registry handled 77,402 applications for transfers of property from some 4,300 firms.

Of these applications, just 7.5% of transactions were made by the ten biggest conveyancers.

The biggest of all the conveyancers continues to be Myhomemove, followed by Countrywide.


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  1. The JB

    What a tragic stat this is as in my experience Countrywide are amongst the most ineffectual and least professional outfits in the land. Even 7.5 % of transactions handled by them and their like equates to more hair pulling out and added creases to my already furrowed brow that I could live without.
    The public must understand that when it comes to conveyancing, cheaper is very rarely better!

  2. whaley

    I'd definitely agree with the statement that cheaper is rarely better but its equally obvious that you can get an economy of scale and specialise to a far better degree once you hit a tipping point of clients. After having seen the MyHomeMove service and knowing many people who use it they're very clear they'd never go back to the traditional 'outdated' model.


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