Kevin Hollinrake says it is important that MPs understand implications of fees ban

MP Kevin Hollinrake – who co-founded Hunters of which he is now chairman – has confirmed that agents will be able to attend the forthcoming Parliamentary debate on the proposed ban letting agent fees.

Hollinrake, who is sponsoring the debate, told EYE: “It is understandable that the Government seeks to close a loophole that allows a minority of agents to exploit the opportunity to overcharge tenants for their services such as referencing.

“However, it’s important that everyone understands the full implication of a complete ban: for instance, the downsides for tenants and how it will affect jobs and investment in the property sector.”

Hollinrake said he hopes agents will attend – they will be able to sit in the public gallery.

The debate will also be viewable live online, and agents can respond by social media or the forum that will be created on:

The debate is on Wednesday, September 6, at Westminster Hall between 9am and 11am.

This is the briefing paper that has been made available to MPs.


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  1. sb007ck

    I’m not being funny, perhaps he isnt able to or doesnt want to climb the greasy pole, but when you have an ex-estate agent in Government, why wasnt he considered for housing mininster

  2. AgencyInsider

    ‘Humphrey, there is a Cabinet re-shuffle in the offing. Do you think I should put my hat in the ring for Housing? I know a lot about that. ‘

    ‘Oh no Minister, you really shouldn’t do that’

    Why not, Humphrey?

    ‘Because Minister the entire working of government are predicated upon certain, ah, conventions.’

    ‘What conventions Humphrey?’

    ‘That Ministers are the puppets of policy, take their cues from their senior civil servants, and should let the Executive get on with running the country while the population, in its ignorance, believes that politicians are actually doing the job.’

    ‘So a Minister really shouldn’t know anything about the subject for which they are Minister? Isn’t that a bit daft Humphrey?’

    ‘Yes, Minister!



  3. RosBeck73

    I don’t see there is much point in sitting in the gallery. Not unless one is going to harangue the politicians and get thrown out. Or maybe if a lot of agents go it might have the effect of at least showing there is a lot of concern about it… I’d only bother if I lived nearby.

  4. Rod75

    Has anyone read the briefing to MPs? Like everything else in this sorry saga it appears to be totally one sided. Its notes the supposed benefits to tenants while ignoring the actual effect this will have on rents, jobs, quality of service to tenants. In a debate of MPs who is going to put the full story to them?

    1. proagent54

      I would imagine Kevin will put forward a balanced view for both side

  5. jeremy1960

    When I questioned Kevin via Twitter,  his response was very “politician and party line” talking about balanced and best approach for the consumer! As an agent I’ve never seen myself as a consumer which leads me to believe that all this consultation and “debate” is just lip service. The bill is already drafted and printed, nobody in government gives a s**t about agents and landlords any more, as an agent and landlord myself I am actually hoping that this all goes very wrong for the government and they have to come cap in hand to us in the near future. That said , the mob at shelter probably have another fat brown envelope ready to slip under the table to someone else in power to spout their ridiculous nonsense and justify their continuance; how can an organisation established to help the homeless spend so much gifted money and yet not help the homeless?  Should that not be the question on every mp’s lips? Charity my a***.


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