More than half of tenants favour a landlord over location

The right landlord is as important as the perfect property for tenants, research has claimed.

A poll by agents Your Move found 46% of renters place extreme importance on who their landlord will be when deciding where to rent.

While value for money is important to 45% of the 2,000 tenants surveyed, the state of the property is a major consideration for the majority of tenants, with 52% saying that this is extremely important.

The Your Move data also revealed that only 38% of tenants recognise property location as “extremely important” when picking a new home.

Two thirds of tenants reported a high level of satisfaction when renting, compared to only 15% who answered as “unhappy” or “very unhappy.”

Valerie Bannister, head of lettings at Your Move, said: “It’s not just about where you actually live any more, but also the condition of the property as well as whose roof you’re living under, that are collectively important to tenants these days.

“As the rental sector continues to grow, so do people’s expectations of what a property should offer them, and it’s understandable that landlords who present and maintain their properties – and who even consider the lifestyles of their prospective tenants – will be viewed more favourably than others.

“It reflects our findings that the landlord’s willingness to respond to reasonable requests from tenants for property improvements etc is viewed as extremely important when a tenant makes their decision to rent.”


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  1. femaleagent88

    This is true, we recently had someone reject a property, the landlord was there for the viewing and they just didn’t like him

  2. Beano

    The headline is misleading, what it means is not that they like the landlord as a person, but that they like the fact that the landlord is not shy of dipping into his coffers to keep the house in order.


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