Mentoring claim leads to spat between Lord Sugar and wealth trainer Samuel Leeds

There is an something of a ding-dong going on over at Property Tribes between Lord Sugar, of Apprentice fame etc, and Samuel Leeds who is, according to his website:

” A best-selling author, property investor and TV Property Landlord.

“Samuel is a head trainer at Samuel Leeds LTD, a training company teaching people to become financially free.”

The website introduction says:

“Samuel365 is an amazing new online experience created with just one goal, to help Property Investors just like you succeed.

“Samuel365 has some amazing benefits including a weekly coaching call with me, Samuel, unlimited access to a Property Mentor, many hours of advanced training, a mastermind forum and much more.”

Leeds has been in the news on a number of occasions, in a BBC programme that highlighted the suicide of an ex- Royal Marine who paid £13,000 for a course with ‘Property Investor’, a company run by Samuel Leeds and a Daily Telegraph story in January about training courses that sell the dream of financial freedom.

The latest story concerns claims made by Leeds that he had been ‘mentored’ by Lord Sugar – for about one hour and for a fee of £4,800 – a claim that Sugar apparently denies.

You can read a lot more on the Property Tribes site but here is a video that Samuel Leeds posted on Youtube on 28th May rebuffing Lord Sugar’s rebuttal.


New body offers accreditation and redress in the property-wealth education sector





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  1. PossessionFriendUK39

    I’ve watched the video responses from both Leeds and Sugar.  Sure Leeds wants to ‘over-describe’ his handsomely paid for Hour long meeting with Sugar ( in a small group of 3 or four who had Paid £4,800  Each )

    Consequently with the publicity around Leeds,  Sugar is wanting to distance himself as much as possible.

    Short version is I think Both Leeds is slightly over-playing the meeting,  but In my view, Sugar is massively under-playing the meeting.

    My verdict as to who’s being the more truthful, overall and I’m afraid to say its Leeds.

    Lord Sugar took the money – end off.

    1. Property-Bob


      “… Fake quotes and endorsements”.
      ” …..deliberately misleading consumers in order to build his credibility and sell courses”. 

  2. MarkJ

    I’d want to distance myself from Samuel Leeds too. Anyone who sells courses at £10k+ to people who are financing them via credit cards obviously knows that most of those people are not going to make money…. but doesnt care.
    As Samuels 15/5/20 youtube video says ….Buys you a castle though
    Dont forget to Subscribe to my Channel and hit that bell!!        

  3. Woodentop

    I have a long distrust of people who take large sums of money and say they will make anyone rich. You can have all the key ingredients to a cake but only the few will ever get it to come out without burning and make it taste nice.


    There is no such thing as becoming financially free and any claim to the contrary should be treated with, who is going to be financially free, me or the trainer!

  4. Property-Bob

    In 2017 Lord Sugar’s lawyers invalidate Samuel’s claims that Lord Sugar endorsed him, and Samuel was forced to remove the ‘false’ quote he added to the picture he took with Lord Sugar, why 3 years later is Samuel still implying that he was ‘mentored’ by Lord Sugar? Could it be; that it makes Samuel appear more ‘credible’. He’s misleading people.
    At the Crash Course in Edinburgh on 13th March 2020, Samuel said the following:-
    “Whenever people say Samuel’s training is so expensive, he’s extortionate, I’m like, I’m like, I’ve invested over £3M pounds over the last 10 years on my own personal education and training”. I’ve spent a lot of time with Richard Branson, Lord Sugar and Grant Cardone. These guys, some of them I know on a very personal level; and I’m not trying to name drop or anything but they say the same stuff”. “I paid Lord Sugar for mentoring, I had mentoring with him”. 
    Let’s put that into words and figures easy to understand, Samuel was born in April 1991, he’s now 29? Samuel claims in the last 10 years he has invested £3M on his own personal training and education, therefore he started investing in 2010 Yes? Whether he spent £25K pm for the past 10 years, £300K pa or £3M in one go he should have receipts Yes? All he has to do is show receipts when and with whom he spent the £3M? Also, if he was able to spend £25K pm or £300K pa or £3M in one go on his own personal training and education why was he working as a Magician in 2015?

  5. Property-Bob



    “… Fake quotes and endorsements”.

    ” …..deliberately misleading consumers in order to build his credibility and sell courses”. 

  6. Property Pundit

    Sad to see PIE giving oxygen and publicity to the thing known as Samuel Leeds.

    1. Property-Bob

      Yep – the first half of the article reads like an ad for Samuel Leeds – very poor quality article.

      I wonder what Property Industry Eye’s award was for – was it for copy-and-pasting website content into articles?


  7. James Wilson

    Samuel Leeds is a legend!  A poster child for the ‘get rich quick in property’ con which is now going to unwind so painfully for so many.


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