Low fees less important than transparency to sellers when they are choosing agents

Consumers look for transparency as to what estate agents will charge – rather than low fees.

Research by Zoopla shows that transparency is the single most important factor when sellers are choosing an agent.

They also rate the ability to negotiate the best price and ‘value for money’ as important, followed by the amount of marketing and getting the valuation right.

Local presence, speed of sale and reputation count for less. While fee level comes second to bottom in what vendors look for, ‘help and support’ comes a surprising last.

Zoopla managing director Charlie Bryant said: “Winning instructions is the top priority for estate agents across the country in a challenging and competitive marketplace, and our research reveals what consumers are looking for when selecting an agent to sell their home.

“There are two themes that emerge from the top five items listed by consumers, and in good news for many of our customers, low fees don’t feature high in their list of priorities.

“First is the overall offer from the agent covering transparency on fees, value for money and the level of marketing proposed for the property. Second is the property valuation and the ability to negotiate the best price.

“Our findings also show vendors want their money to work harder for them in the current climate. 44% of consumer respondents told us that the amount of marketing an agent will do is extremely important to their appointing them.


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  1. Chris Wood

    Verifies what the vast majority of the industry has been saying for years and more bad news for the low fee jockeys. It’s not all about fees and never has been.

  2. Simonedwards

    We have actually increased our fees this past 2 months and have recorded record new instructions for the season so far.

  3. Woodentop

    Only a poor salesman sells on price. Offer cheap and you get a cheap product which some are happy with but questionable if they really know what they are getting and first to complain when they wake up.


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