Lib Dems call for Housing Act to be changed so that tenants are always given at least six months’ notice

The Liberal Democrats have called for private landlords to have to give at least six months’ notice after the initial fixed term.

At their conference, the party passed a motion calling for the Housing Act 1988 to be amended in order to increase the notice from two to six months that landlords must give tenants after the initial minimum fixed term of six months.

The same motion also calls for a ban on letting agent fees; a cap on tenants’ deposits; first refusal for tenants when a landlord sells; and rent rises to be linked to inflation and/or tenants’ wages.

We suspect that as the party conference season goes on, there will be plenty more pronouncements on housing.

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  1. DarrelKwong43

    anyone know a party with the first clue about the private rented sector?

  2. Will

    Certainly not any of the three major parties.

  3. TheLettingsGuy

    Deary me. They are desperately out of touch with how the sector works. Another political ‘vote winner’ without understanding the actual issues

  4. CountryLass

    That’s completely unreasonable. what happens if a Landlord passes away and the house needs to be sold for the estate to be divided? Or the LL can’t pay the mortgage due to the new legislation costing too much and is about to be repossessed?

    Or a Tenant just isn’t taking care of the property and is late with the rent, this gives them 6 months to cause further damage and pile up rent arrears, then we have 9 months or so before a court warrant can get them out. It’s not just over the line of ‘reasonable’ it’s accelerating past it…

    1. PossessionFriendUK39

      I think the ‘political’  ideology is  ‘ F@#%  the landlord, ‘ there’s more votes to be chased from Tenants


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