Letting agents in Scotland where fees are banned are ‘continuing to charge tenants’, claim

A group of tenants in Scotland is alleging that agents in Glasgow are breaking the law by continuing to charge fees to tenants, six years after the ban.

A tenants’ union says it will be launching a campaign, and is asking for evidence in an ‘illegal fees survey’.

It is asking whether specific agents have charged tenants fees. Names include Martin & Co, Northwood and Countrywide, plus a large number of other local agents.

The union says it will help tenants who have been wrongly charged to get their money back.

Introducing the survey, the organisers say: “In 2012 the Housing Act Scotland of 1984 was amended to make it clear that landlords could only charge tenants for deposit and rent.

“Despite this, letting agents in Glasgow have knowingly continued to charge ‘administration fees’, ‘holding fees’, ‘booking fees’ and a variety of other exploitative and illegal fees.

“While the law has been in place for years, it continues to go unenforced.

“As the authorities don’t feel the need to rein in this greedy and criminal behaviour, we as tenants must organise and bring them to heel ourselves.

“Living Rent, Scotland’s Tenants Union, have already been fighting back against these letting agencies and have won back thousands of pounds in illegal fees for our members.

“Our members have had enough and will be launching a campaign to crack down on the exploitative practice of charging illegal fees in Glasgow.

“In order to do this we need to hear from you. If you have been charged illegal fees, get in touch, fill in the survey, join the Union and get your money back!”

The ban on fees charged to tenants in England is likely to take effect a year from now.


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