EYE NEWSFLASH: Lee Rowley appointed as new housing minister

Lee Rowley has returned to the post of housing minister, replacing Rachel Maclean who was sacked from the role earlier today.

Rowley, who has been serving as the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities since September 2022, now takes on an important role in the government’s housing agenda.

He becomes the latest in a long line of ministers to hold the post and takes up the role on the eve of the Renters (Reform) Bill being introduced to committee.

Prior to this appointment, Rowley held the position of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, as well as the role of Government Whip, Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury, from September 2021 to July 2022.

He was first elected as the Conservative MP for North East Derbyshire on 8th June 2017.


Property industry reacts to ‘revolving door of housing ministers’ in wake of Rachel Maclean’s sacking



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  1. JMK

    Tell him not to bother getting business cards done. The ink won’t have a chance to dry.

    1. Whaley

      Has anyone got a lettuce we can time this one on ?

  2. Ed Mead

    Ummmm…..what was wrong with the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that….and so on.

  3. fluter

    Lee who?

  4. Whaley

    It doesn’t make the slightest difference. They could assign Winston Churchill in his pomp and it would matter because the chuckle brothers roundabout means any progress is going to be utterly minimal.

    Complete jokers, this government is more on life support than half the people in here.

  5. South Coast

    Complete shambles of a government.

  6. The_Maluka

    Will we have time to remember his name?

  7. Deltic2130

    No, it’s fine! Really! I’m sure he’ll be bringing a wealth of genius ideas to solve the housing crisis and get the PRS back to some sort of motivated, recognisable normality almost immediately!

    Oh, wait…

  8. Rob Hailstone

    Rory Stewart: “Time for ministers to serve two years minimum.”


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