Launch of deal analyser for property investors

Lendlord has launched an enhanced Property Deal Analyser as part of its portfolio management platform for landlords.

The online portfolio management firm has built a tool that helps landlords and property investors to evaluate potential acquisitions as well as evaluating the potential performance of their existing portfolio for both the short and long terms.

The company says that the process assists investors in making better informed decisions in how to grow their property businesses.

The new tool will provide the following key metrics: Net Annual Cash Flow, Yield, Cash on Cash, ROI (Return on Investment), Cap Rate, Equity Multiple, DCR (Debt Coverage Ratio), GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier), IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and more, with the ability for landlords to include their own long term assumptions in terms of property and rental appreciation and inflation.

The tool also includes Lendlord’s ‘Mortgage Engine’, that helps landlords understand which finance products are available for them for a new acquisition based on their current profile.

Aviram Shahar, co-founder and CEO at Lendlord, said:

“We are very excited with this new release that will help landlords and property investors to get the right view on what should be their next step, based on an enhanced analysis and data rather than intuition.

“We believe that a thorough analysis of deals is important now, more than ever, as risk has been amplified through the impact on the property market of Covid19.

“Landlords should adopt a ‘digital first’ approach to help mitigate this risk through the use of tools like the Lendlord Deal Analyser.

“We are confident that this Deal Analyser is market-leading in providing sophisticated insights and intelligence, and landlords should take advantage of analysing deals in this format as another layer of acquisition due diligence”.

To coincide with the launch, landlord forum Property Tribes will be running a themed week of video content to launch and showcase the new Deal Analyser tool.

Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes and Aviram Shahar of Lendlord will be joined by special guests throughout the week to discuss deal analysis.

Guests include property developers John Howard, Ruth Hobbs, and Phil Stewardson, as well as RICS surveyor Lex Allan of Lex Allan Estates.

There will be a new video episode posted daily on Property Tribes throughout the week to bring an enhanced understanding of the importance of analysing deals, the key metrics property investors should be considering, and how a ‘digital first’ approach combined with data and analysis can help mitigate risk.

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  1. kmprop4

    Investor tools are incredibly useful and the numbers are the most important aspect in reviewing investments. Although there are many online tools which are very simple to use, so this feature is not new. I use to review BTL properties. I am however pleased people are moving away from spreadsheets sold by “property training” companies.


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