Landlords’ Barometer – #78: Landlords and the final impact of tax changes

Welcome to my second “Landlords’ Barometer” for 2020! I don’t know how it was for you, but January flew by!

Here are the trending topics of the first month of this new decade and they are roughly falling into four main trends:

1. Impact of tax changes for landlords – no doubt because landlords filed their on-line SATRs in January.

2. Government intervention

3. Tenant demand

4. Regulation of the “wealth creation” industry following the suicide of property mentee Danny Butcher and the subsequent mainstream media
coverage of this sector.

Here are the most viewed topics in January:

1. Facebook landlord “finished” by Section 24
This thread about a landlord ranting on Facebook about the damaging effects of Section 24 was posted on February 8, and, at the time of writing, had already been viewed 10,000 times with over 50 responses.

2. S24 bites – 300% increase in tax bill!
As January was the tax deadline for filing of on-line SATR, this landlord had a nasty surprise when he felt the full effects of Section 24.

3. Swarms of tenants handing in notice!
This landlord is concerned at the number of tenants handing in their notice and wonders if other landlords are experiencing the same.

4. Samuel Leeds – BBC “Inside Out” investigation
The thread discussing this programme that went under-cover in the “wealth creation” industry has been trending since its broadcast on 20th January!

5. Kate Faulkner presentation on BTL in 2020
This interesting video from property analyst Kate Faulkner has proved very popular, both on youtube and within the PT community.

6. Developer of 40 years gives his 2020 strategy
Property developer John Howard shares what he will be doing in 2020.

7. BTL – would you ever pay the capital off?
This question sparked an interesting debate about leveraging in BTL.


The countdown has started to the 2020 Landlord Investment Shows which take place across the country and see large numbers of landlords in attendance.
Tickets are free and you can register here:

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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