Landlords’ Barometer – #69: Abolition of Section 21 is the big talking point

Welcome to the April edition of the Landlords’ Barometer, where, unsurprisingly, the demise of Section 21 is a key trending topic!

1. Government announce the “dilution” of Section 21

With over 8K views and over 70 responses, this topic has engaged the landlord community to a similar extent that the announcement of Section 24 did!
Our reporting features landlord reactions along with interviews with Paul Shamplina and Kate Faulkner who share their thoughts on what this news means for the private rented sector.

2. Section 21 and six month tenancies

A landlord is very concerned about what this new legislation means at a granular level.

3. And for the Government’s next trick … rent controls!

The direction of travel of the PRS is clear for all to see – next stop – rent controls!

4. Graham Rowan – “BTL in 2019? I’m out!”

The respected investment commentator Graham Rowan explains why he sold up his buy to let investments three years ago – and this interview was recorded the day before the S21 announcement!

5. De-bunking the myth of being able to buy property with no money

High profile property investor, John Howard, talks about his concerns of expensive training and mentoring being marketing on the basis that you do not need any money to invest in property.

6. Can you make a fortune in BTL?

A newcomer to the property sector wonders if it is still possible to create significant wealth through investing in Buy to Let in 2019.

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As part of our “Business Risk Mitigation” week of themed content, we spoke to CEO of ARLA, David Cox, on how working with a reputable and accredited lettings agent can significantly reduce risk for landlords:

Despite the doom and gloom, Neil Cobbold of PayProp says there is much to be
optimistic about in the private rented sector:


John Notley, CEO of Zero Deposit, on why deposit replacement could be a choice for landlords:

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