Landlords’ Barometer – #38: What landlords are talking about

Welcome to “Landlords’ Barometer #38” … bringing you trending topics that have got landlords engaged and talking.

1. Landlord communication strategies discussed

How do you communicate with a landlord who does not even realise they are a landlord? They see themselves as a vet, or a solicitor, or a teacher – whatever career path they have taken. At Property Tribes, we have seven years of understanding how landlords interact with the web and we know how to reach out and engage this very hard to reach demographic of the small/amateur landlord. Crack this and you’ve got it made!

2. How to go big in property?

How have landlords managed to build portfolios of 20 or 30 properties? Are those days over, or can landlords still scale up?

3. Video highlights from the Tenant Tax Summit

If you are not already up to speed with the hugely damaging effects of Section 24 on the private rented sector, then I urge you to watch the highlights video. It explains why everyone – including lettings agents – should be fighting against this clause, and one way to do that is by supporting the Judicial Review and creating awareness amongst your landlord clients. One way to do that is to forward this link on to your landlords – it includes ten ways to mitigate the effects of Section 24, written by a professional tax adviser:

4. Lettings agents need to wake up to Section 24

See above. I am dismayed at the lack of awareness of Section 24, not only by landlords, but also by lettings agents. I believe that agents should play a key role in educating their landlord clients, in order to retain them, and offer a more “holistic” service and they should also get involved in supporting the Judicial Review to protect their livelihood.

5. Brexit has spawned a new term – “Brental”

This could be a unique opportunity for savvy landlords – and agents – to take advantage of a unique set of market conditions. While others sit on the fence and wait to see what happens, those that take action could be rewarded.

6. Taxpayers’ Alliance slams landlord tax hikes

Continuing on the Section 24 tip, the new report from the Tax Payers Alliance slams landlord tax hikes and confirms that they will end up in rental increases for tenants. This thread includes an interview with CEO of the RLA, Andrew Goodacre, who gives his reaction to the report.

7. Post Brexit auction results

The auction rooms can often be a way to see early trends developing within the property sector. This thread is updating the auction room results as they come in.

Thank you for reading my column and I hope you find these insights useful to your business and decisions that you make where landlords are involved.

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