Knight Frank goes back to Zoopla on trial basis after five-year break

Knight Frank is rejoining Zoopla on a trial basis after leaving five years ago when it helped set up OnTheMarket.

The trial consists of 21 London offices listing for a three-month period.

However, Knight Frank has expressed its ongoing commitment to OTM.

Knight Frank, along with Savills, Strutt & Parker, Douglas & Gordon and Chestertons, was a founding member of OTM.

At the time, it had a ‘one other portal’ rule which required agents listing with OTM to list on only one other portal – effectively forcing a choice between Zoopla and Rightmove.

All the founding agents apart from Savills have now returned to Zoopla, although Savills does list its overseas properties on Zoopla.

A spokesperson for Knight Frank said: “We remain committed investors in OnTheMarket and are strong supporters of it as the agent-backed portal.

“Last year we signed a five-year strategic agreement to display all our sale and lettings properties at OnTheMarket  and we see it going from strength to strength.

“We are constantly assessing the changing marketing opportunities for our clients.”

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  1. GPL

    Knight Frank….
    “Last year we signed a five-year strategic agreement to display all our sale and lettings properties at OnTheMarket  and we see it going from strength to strength.”  
    ……however, we’ll just go back to using Zoopla?…….for a trial 3 months?  
    So, do we await the following Knight Frank statement….  
    ”We trialled Zoopla for 3 months however we prefer OTM?”
    Pretty poor that KF, as a founding member, fail to stand firm, yet my company – as a OTM V1 Gold Member has declined approaches by Zoopla and remained with OTM – honouring my OTM V1/2 contract?
    What signal are you sending Knight Frank?

    1. Bless You

      Does that mean CEO (can’t remember his name) stitched up the founding members as well? Lol can’t make it up.
      I should be a CEO. I joined for a few months and once realised it was a stitch up stopped paying. I didn’t fall for the 5 year trap.
      Iam still on it and not paid a penny.
      = 15k saved.
      Accept I haven’t really saved anything because om is worthless under it’s present strategy.

  2. Ostrich17

    Maybe they are planning to drop Rightmove? – which is what they should have done at the outset.  
    Or, it’s a negotiating tactic to get their RM fees down.

  3. ArthurHouse02

    As i’ve stated time and time again, OTM doesnt bring competition to RM & Z, it just brings the pressure to pay for another portal and Knight Frank have just proved that.

  4. Essjaydee51

    GPL, you can’t have it both ways, you have done nothing but bemoan otm since you got “trapped” and conned and I agree with you but to state that your company is “honouring” the v1/v2 is a little tongue in cheek perhaps.

    1. GPL



      “ Honouring my V1/2 Contract? “

      …… mean my V1 Contract that forced me into OTM V2!

      ……you mean that I honoured that by continuing to pay it until exit in 2020

      …..whilst circa £7,000,000 accumulated in unpaid dues with OTM from those that chose not to pay

      ……and I could have just thumbed my nose and not bothered paying!

      Honour? ……Yes, I’ll spell that for you….. H O N O U R !

      Tongue in Cheek?

      …….Yes, your comment is, and I’m happy to file it in the “Taking the P!ss Tray”

      Now, excuse me …..I’ve got a busy evening with Estate Agency work ……that’s what happens when you conduct your business honourably …….clients give you their business!

      Have a nice evening …..doing whatever you do in your evenings?  “Bob a Job” perhaps? ……or Trainee Comedian? (that’ll be a long course for you)

      Dib Dib…..








  5. HIT MAN

    They are going to leave Rightmove there is a plan going around and many agents have bought into it, not sure how is works but apparently it’s to be free of Rightmove, RMEXIT is another group of leavers 31st October is one date many agents are leaving.

  6. Rory Naughton Leeds

    RMEXIT has to happen!


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