Kerfuffle completes acquisition of agency reviews platform

Kerfuffle has announced the acquisition of View Agents, an agency reviews platform.

The joining of these two businesses aims to offer a unified and robust reputation system for the property market.

View Agents provided support to EA Masters’ judging metrics last year around the whole customer satisfaction arena, with their input assisted in identifying the best agents across the country#.

Simon Whale, founder of Kerfuffe, said: “View Agents has demonstrated an unmatched commitment to facilitating excellence within the property industry. We believe their expertise perfectly complements the vision and services offered by Kerfuffle. By bringing both companies together, we will provide a comprehensive and superior experience for our users.

“Until now, Kerfuffle has focused on business-to-business reviews, establishing itself as a reputable voice within the industry. With the acquisition of View Agents, Kerfuffle enhances its platform by incorporating consumer ratings. This addition finalises both sides of the marketplace, giving a full perspective of public perception, whether you’re an agent or a supplier. We’re keen to talk further to any trusted platforms used by agents to further deepen the review platforms that are important to agents.

“Now, agents can benefit from a ‘Reputation Score,’ formed by merging ratings from trusted platforms such as Google,Facebook, Yell and Trustpilot. This score offers a truthful and concise representation of how they are genuinely viewed by the public.

“We believe in the importance of transparency within our industry, adds Simon Whale. By introducing the ‘Reputation Score’, we offer a fair, comprehensive evaluation tool for agents and contribute to establishing trust and accountability within the property industry. There’s loads of review sites out there, there’s a growing number of reputation platforms but only View Agents allows you to compare your own business against fellow agents which is invaluable given how important word of mouth is.”

Dominic Versace, the CEO of View Agents, added: “From the moment we started talking [with the team at Kerfuffle] there was a clear vision we both had for what we could do with both businesses working closer together. With access to the increased dev resource that Kerfuffle has adding to our own we’re going to be able to fast trek the dev queue which is tremendously exciting given some of the game changing ideas we believe we’ve got lined up.”



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  1. comment75

    I am certain allAgents has been allowing other agents to compare themselves for years! No mention of them here

    1. Whaley

      Got a load of time for the likes of AllAgents & the ESTA’s the specialist property platforms, this isn’t about the review element of it on the View Agents platform itself. Its the ability for agents to see how they’re comparing on all the main platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Yell and Facebook. With Google accounting for over 50% of all reviews clearly that’s why its so important.

      That said I did mention that we’d love to work with any review platform to be able to have the most complete picture of what the consumer sees.

  2. Paul Morgan

    A great merger. So Kerfuffle now knows the highest-ranked agents (by the public) and can tie that to the software these agent use.

    This information can be utilised to identify and certify suppliers “as used by top 100 agents”.

    Moreover, knowing the combination of suppliers used by the top performing agencies can be used to help improve mid-ranking and new agents select the right combination of applications. Even more reason why estate agents should ask for a supplier review from Kerfuffle.

    Well done to Simon and the team. Another helpful estate agency service on the way.

    Full disclosure: I used to work at Kerfuffle and still admire what they do.

    1. Whaley

      And its just one of the many reasons I respect everything you say Paul!


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