It’s new and it’s a familiar colour – Purplebricks unveils its new logo

Drum roll . . . Purplebricks has a new logo.

Undoubtedly the expensive fruits of many months of creative endeavour, it was proudly announced on Twitter as follows: 

Homesearch EOS

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  1. Moveaside01

    Well I guess when you get paid regardless of result you’ll have plenty of spare money lying around to spend on rebranding!

    I’m sure all of their customers who got absolutely nothing for their money will be delighted?

  2. AgencyInsider

    ‘So, Expensive Marketing Person, what have you come up with?’

    ‘Well, it’s purple.’


    ‘And it says Purple Bricks.’

    ‘Even more marvellous.’

    ‘And it looks sort of like a brick.’

    ‘Genius! We love it. So clever of you. Where do we send you the massive cheque?’

    1. WestMidsValuer97

      Hahaha! Hilarious! Couldn’t have expressed this dire rebrand attempt any better.

    2. cybelex

      I love the comment from AgencyInsider – the whole marketing thing reminds me of the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’! 🙂

    3. dave_d

      “That will be £8000 please”

  3. MarkJ

    Is that a brick snapped in half?


    I noticed that they were sponsoring England vs New Zealand Rugby Union at Twickenham on Saturday 10/11/18. With that new logo…

  4. Hillofwad71

    Well they managed to get it emblazoned at Murrayfield over the weekend  which would have made a big dent in their budget .

    They haven’t changed the logos on their sale boards though.

    So as time marches on prospective buyers on individual properties will know that the properties bearing the old logo  predated November 9th, !

    Maybe this is a new version of SSTC?

    Good at the big gestures but another  example of their sloppiness and failure to get the basic things right

    This tweet is cringeworthy made by Bricks during the match. In their dreams!


    Speed, professionalism, getting the job done. We’ve got so much in common with @Scotlandteam. So proud to support that brilliant victory. Bring on @Springboks next week!


    So rugby in Scotland.Kenny with his football club in N.Ireland,his racehorses in England. I guess Wales hasn’t been left out either as he has named one of his horses Purple Dragon!

    In fact it’s running this afternoon! Every post a winning one !I wonder if he will be there!








    1. ARC

      ‘So as time marches on prospective buyers on individual properties will know that the properties bearing the old logo  predated November 9th, !’


      I think you are giving the average punter far too much credit.


      Marketing works because the vast majority are too stupid to see the detail so being plastered all over International rugby matches will make the valuations come in.

      1. Hillofwad71

        True and fair play to them geting their logo all over BBC and good timing too with the market entering a slack period.However you can imagine the amount of time and money involved  in this rollout Even synching the logo  change on the LPE’s  linkedin profiles .If they spent a fraction of the time and cost addressing the simple things like checking properties when they are listed for glaring errors,answering emails promptly then they wouldn’t be receiving the amount of abuse that they do 

        1. ARC

          It’s a volume model though you have to keep filling the top of the machine with fresh meat don’t get bogged down in whether you are pleasing every vendor and certainly not the wider industry.
          I don’t agree with it but that’s what they’re doing and personally I think they are making a good job of it morality aside.

          1. Hillofwad71

            It’s a volume model but  if they  keep filling the top with  fresh meat acquired very expensively and it gets clogged up  in the mincer due to poor mangement and quality control where is the sense  in that? 

            1. ARC

              Because as is regularly pointed out it’s a pay anyway model the money is in the bank.

              1. Hillofwad71

                Not if you have to keep having to give it back for poor service !

                1. ARC

                  Still paying that couple though I think refunds will be rare 

                  1. Hillofwad71

                    More than you think !In addition  look at the  replies to the Tweet where it’s clear they have lost  instructions over it. Giveth with one hand taketh  away with another ! Social media plays havoc with their every day schoolboy howlers with embarrassing mistakes  which should never have  appeared on their listings.Simple quality control. Irrespective it doesn’t make a lot of business sense to spend multi million £s on a clever marketing campaign when  a fraction of the cost spent  weeding out some of the over promotions  and installing better management of their LPEs would reap dividends . This says it all

  5. revilo

    Diagonal cracking in brick work?



    1. dave_d

      It does kinda look like subsidence.. brilliant!

      1. Hillofwad71

        Well spotted  Can you see the merulius  lacrymans  in it too !

  6. Ostrich17

    Same Purplebricks. Still an unbearable experience –

  7. SLF

    A completely uninspiring piece of re-branding. Back of a fag packet in Macs.

  8. mrtickle

    To offer an alternate view on the comments about how expensive it is to do a large scale rebrand…
    I’m a copywriter. My job is to present a finished product that takes a reader from A-to-B without them even realising they’re reading something.
    But what you see is different from what I worked on.
    I went through a thousand drafts. Rewords, rephrasing. Switching a comma to a full stop, and then putting it back as a comma.
    I took 250 words and turned it into 100. And then 50. And then 25. And then 10.
    You read 10 words, but they’re perfect words.
    In exactly the same way, a Graphic Designer takes everything Purplebricks stands for (whether I agree with PB or not is a different matter).
    From their knowledge of Purplebricks, they get to work. This colour. That colour. This font. That font. This brick motif. That brick motif.
    Now let’s combine everything in every possible way, with minuscule differences. Move the text left, and to the right, and up and down and around and around. 100 times. Until it is perfect.
    Don’t underestimate rebrands.
    They’re done for a reason and they take a hell of a long time to complete.
    Indeed, my company is doing one at the moment (with a tiny bit of help from yours truly).

    I don’t agree with PB and never will, but don’t start joshing the Graphic Designer. Whoever he or she is, they did a vergood job.
    I think the logo looks amazing and I bet a lot of man hours went into making it.

  9. IWONDER36

    An extruded brick with holes through the middle would be more apt!

  10. JEL

    Would look better in comic sans

  11. Room101

    Correct, it is the same Purplebricks.

    Twitter complaints up

    New 52 week low share price of 169.80

    LPEs churning down to 637

    But hey, new logo signifying a broken brick / home.



  12. spin2009

    It’s a good clean “grown up” design.


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