It’s cheap! Online agent offering to sell homes for just £99 goes live

It may not be free – but a new online agent is offering rates starting at £99 with discounts available for key workers.

99Home went fully live yesterday after a period of test and development.

A fee of £99 is payable in advance on all three packages offered with prices including VAT.

There is nothing more to pay on the cheapest offering.

A further £400 is payable for a ‘combination’ service’ and £900 for a full high street service, both payable on completion.

All three packages, including the £99 offering, include listings on Rightmove and Zoopla.

Discounts of up to 10% are offered to people in the armed forces, NHS, police and fire services.

Yesterday, it had nine sales properties listed on both portals.

99Home shares premises in Willesden, north London, with high street agent Property Hub.

Founders of 99Home are Vijay Vashistha and Sachin Gupta, while newly appointed chairman is facilities management expert Richard Luckman.

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  1. TwitterSalisPropNews53

    Crikey – how incentivized is £99 to have them secure top price!?


  2. AgentV

    Of course there is the mandatory savings calculator……’you can save ***’ even though chances are you will lose xxxx more by not being an experienced agent with local contacts and hard gained negotiating skills!

    1. AgentVX17

       I know it painful but the way industry moving you need innovative people then experienced!
      In 2-3 years’ time, experienced people will be looking for job in different industries.  
      Didn’t see you DoorStepAgent? £99 sold more than 700 properties?  

      1. g4lvo17

        That’s impressive ……..NOT , Under £70k gross, out of which you have to pay costs before any remuneration, and how many people is whats left split between. Sounds like they will be losing money and their own homes at that with that sort of business model, maybe they can find some mugs out in investor land who haven’t been duped into investing in one of the other ” Disruptors “.

        1. AgentVX17

          Black cab drivers cried a lot when Uber started… And what happened?

          Probably I don’t need to tell you!

          Other industry?

          Twenty years ago, there were just as many insurance brokers on the High Street as Estate Agents .. where are they now? Gone – because of the internet.
          Twenty years ago, every third shop was a travel agents on the High Street – not many now. All online.
          Twenty years ago, Video rental shops were opening faster than a fast thing … Blockbuster had over 250 shops – not anymore – its all online.
          It’s time for Estate agency to go online.


          1. gk1uk2001

            Big difference. Every one of those businesses you mention above are relatively low amounts of money per transaction and to be fair to those working in those industries, no real experience needed to get the best price for the client etc.


            Selling a house involves transactions of tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, requires a skilled agent to ensure that the seller is getting the best price from the best buyer, not to mention of the legalities involved with money laundering etc.

            If you’re going to compare then at least make it like for like!

  3. Peter Ambrose (The Partnership)

    This story seems to have missed out a crucial but depressingly inevitable facet.

    What about the disproportionately large  kickback from the “recommended panel lawyer” that funds enterprises such as this?

    Come on Ros – this is the staple of the low price property lister 😉

    1. AgentVX17

      Looks like  you just woken up 😉

      Or you have no idea about the market! And PIE (Ros) too not looking properly.


      10-15 estate agents in UK offering service less than £99…

      Few are even £29 🙂

  4. nextchapter

    When will the new online companies that keep cropping up realise that their ‘new’ online offering will not make them money.  It’s so simple! 1. They’ve missed the boat due to purple bricks 2. Purple bricks and others have had to increase their fee structure since launching.  So how the hell can a cheaper fee structure possibly work? It’s embarrassing.

  5. smile please

    £99 what a rip off!

    Today i am starting “25Home”
    £25.00 – VAT FREE (Turn over is so low!)
    I am so cheap i can call myself a disruptor! #PropTech

    1. AgentVX17

      Check this out…
      Looks like PIE eyes not working properly.
      Less than £50 🙂

      1. smile please

        You sound almost proud of that figure?

        1. AgentVX17

          Not proud but I don’t like moaning so take it as it is 🙂


      2. PeeBee

        “Looks like PIE eyes not working properly… Less than £50”

        Actually, that’s PER MONTH, also there is an £80 “setup fee” – so I’m afraid, Agent VX17, it looks like it’s your EYEs that need a wipe!

        1. AgentVX17

          So you saying you happy to pay £149 but £99 is too much? 🙂

          Go to and see how much is this company selling for?

          Read some reviews as well…. 🙂

          Just Google about cheapest estate agent in the UK…

          Let’s see if you can find out a £29.99 estate agent? 🙂


          1. PeeBee

            Are you having to really try hard to play thick-as-mince?

            I’d dread to think that it could actually come so naturally…

  6. Property Paddy

    must be magic

    Oh sorry I used this gag on the previous post.

    Sorry I’m just re-hashing an old joke. Not that Eye would do such a thing !

  7. AgentVX17

    You see one side £99 cheap…I see £999 is more expensive than PB, Yopa or other online agents.

    I can see they are targeting all sort of customers. Very impressive!


  8. Typhoon

    This is virtually sale by owner. Until Righmove and and Zoopla wake up and recognise this is what they are allowing to happen, the High Street agent’s future is being eroded day by day. RM and Zoopla have to ask themselves, “Will there be enough ‘on line only agents’ to support their revenue streams,when the High Street agents have all gone bust?

    1. PeeBee

      Typhoon – I would go one further and say IT IS sale by owner.

      And the portals will do… squat, no doubt.

      They don’t give a fuppenny.

      1. AgentVX17

        Guys,  Looks like you are not looking where are this industry is going?

        eBay (Gumtree) listing properties for sale and let.

        2012 they didn’t have any market share and now more than 8% !

        Who is the looser here?

        Yes, RightMove, Zoopla and estate agents.

        Now Amazon is coming as well.  A direct property listing on Amazon….WOW…:-) Think where would Rightmove and Zoopla be?,  a direct lister plus many more.

        Stop moaning and follow the trend.


  9. AgentV

    What I don’t understand in all of this is how online listers can do the Rightmove listing for less than it costs per property to put it on rightmove. Isn’t it a full membership fee for every 32 available stock properties (for non geographic advertisers)? If properties roll over from one month to the next as available then it’s got to be costing £50 to £60 each just for rightmove!

  10. PeeBee

    No-one has so far mentioned this outfit’s last ’15 minutes of fame’ on the pages of EYE:

    which makes interesting reading – because pretty much NOTHING has changed!

    Back then in April, the article stated “At 99Property, Vijay Vashisht told EYE: “Property Hub is a high street agent, whereas 99Home is completely online. The only thing we have in common is the office.”

    As I pointed out at the time, it is patently obvious that they also share LISTINGS – just one example being:

    The site was mothballed within a few hours of the last article being published – with a notification that it was to be “Launching on 2 May 2017“.  Needless to say that never happened – and they have instead snuck it back up a week or so ago in the desperate hope that we’d ignore it – which until now I have.

    SO… I guess the same question remains that was asked back on April.

    According to the “Features Included” list, each listing gets…

    “Property listing on Rightmove, Zoopla &  PrimeLocation “

    In the FAQs you find the following:
    “Q-3. How long will it take for my property to be listed online?
    Ans. Once you completed the online property submission form on, we assess your submission in terms of the information that you have provided and if we need any further details from you. When the assessment is complete, your property is verified and listed online within the next 2-8 working hours.”

    So – taking both of the above into consideration (let’s call them Exhibit ‘A’ and Exhibit ‘B’) would someone at Rightmove please comment on WHY OR HOW WHAT IS SELF-ADMITTEDLY AN FSBO OPERATION IS BEING ALLOWED TO LIST PROPERTIES ON THE SITE?

    The original article highlighted the matter at the time but it seemed that Zoopla was the only portal that may have had an issue – but that apparently fell on La-La ears, Purple-tinted blinkers – or just their usual brazen “F*ck you, pal’ attitude, so I hardly think their getting round to #DO_SOMETHING about it will be forthcoming second time around…

    …but no doubt we’ll see.

    1. AgentVX17

      Property listed on 99Home

      Sale = 9 

      Let = 7

      Property listed on PropertyHub

      Sale = 27 

      Let = 25 

      This property listed with 5 different agents and so few other properties too.


      So, what is your logic? Looks like you are new to estate agency industry. 

      1. PeeBee

        “So, what is your logic?”

        Logic?  None whatsoever – didn’t think I needed any, as it was a simple-to-comprehend observation of fact.  Care to explain why the few numbers that you have posted and stating the obvious that the property is listed all over the place are somehow supposed to poo-poo or otherwise invalidate the factual information I posted above?

        I gave ONE example – and stated that point.  I could have posted more – but the average reader/poster here on EYE don’t need too much evidence to spot an elephant in the fridge.

        “Looks like you are new to estate agency industry.”

        Yup – looks like you’ve got me sussed.

        A whole 25 years ‘new’ in Agency and a paltry 38 in total in the industry.

        Still got me ‘L’-plates on.

        1. htsnom79

          I have had a $h1t of a day today, professionally at least, as a parent I am reminded that home and work are not that different in the sense that somebody needs to take a bird’s eye view outside of the soap opera of individual preference, to make it work ( a chain ) requires effort on my part or it will die, you can receive an invoice from me on exchange payable on completion which is about double that of the most creditable online up front payment or you can go with them, I earn my second half, all this other stuff is garbage


        2. AgentVX17

          Wow!! 38 in total in the industry.

          I would say lucky you! This industry will be changed and within next 5 years.

          High street agents will be limited to 20-40%

          Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree, Facebook, Amazon and few more will be sharing listing market.

          And online estate agents will be limited to 15-20 nationwide.

          More competition, new players, automation of estate agencies and new technologies will change this market for good.

          I paid £550 for ref check back in 2013. That time I thought estate agent must be doing a day job to pocket £550?

          But after joining estate agency, I realise what a T*** that estate agent was!   charged me £550 for a £50 job!!

          No more dodge agency! OpenRent plus lots other agencies are around to save people money as well as time.

          It’s time for automation and innovation!

          Have a lovely day! 🙂





  11. Property Paddy

    I wonder if any on liner is going to do the other trick

    “Our fees are £9,999, but you can save £9,000 if you sign up today, yes folks, that’s right SAVE £9,000 RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!”

    See what I means ?

    1. Property Paddy

      Or Save £9,899 with our super fast track discount (stupid terms and conditions apply, you might get taken for a ride or we’ll just take a pound of flesh, you must be over 18 with a low IQ to apply).


    2. PeeBee

      See what MIDNIGHT+1 brings on the emoov website – you might have just given The Quirkster his latest “HURRY!” stroke “OFFER ENDS SOON” stroke “LIMITED TIME DEAL” stroke “(insert appropriate season) SPECIAL” idea, Property Paddy!

      1. PeeBee

        Wasn’t QUITE that radical – but nevertheless gave a mahoosive £200 off their already laughably inadequate-to-do-a-decent-job £795 offering.

        Wonder how the poor folks that took the LAST “…Ends Midnight Tuesday” offer feel about that – they only got £150 “discount” and a cr@ppy listing upgrade – would’ve been better off waiting for cheaper NSPR Fee!

  12. PeeBee


    You have questions to answer in the posts above.

    Would you like someone to make you a list – keep it all in one place for you?

    1. AgentVX17

      PeeBee Thank you very much! 

      I don’t need any list, As an estate agent, I have some other works as well.

      I am in favour of online estate agency so long they can provide good service at the right price.

      Thank you


  13. PeeBee


    Following on from your responses – and in no particular order:

    “I am in favour of online estate agency so long they can provide good service at the right price.

    Okay – so what would be, in your opinion, this “good service” and what would be “the right price” that you are suggesting that online estate agents will need to demonstrate the ability to provide to qualify as ‘favoured’?

    “Who is the looser here?… Yes, RightMove, Zoopla and estate agents.”

    Sorry – you’ve thrown me there?  Rightmove and Zoopla are losing chuff all, except numbers.

    The only way they would gain anything out of more listings on their sites would be on a pay-per-listing/volume basis.  But of course as an agent you know that already – which makes me wonder why you stated something that is so clearly incorrect.  Unless, that is, you are thinking of the ‘online’ fraternity of our industry who would be charged on that basis – and surely then they would only take a percentage of that ‘lost’ business in any case.

    “This industry will be changed and within next 5 years… High street agents will be limited to 20-40%”

    I think not.  Guess we will have to reconvene here on the pages of EYE, in 5 years – assuming of course that darned asteroid doesn’t come along and f*ck with us pesky dinosaurs, that is…

    “No more dodge agency!”

    Seems like we can at least agree on one thing – any reduction in ‘dodgy’ Agency would be a welcome thing.  I just don’t think we agree entirely on what (or who) is and what isn’t ‘dodgy’ – or what will bring about the reduction.

    Again – we will just have to see… won’t we!

    Over to you…


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