It’s all very fishy! Why is the ombudsman handing these out?

We are puzzled. In fact, cod-smacked.

My colleague Nick Salmon came back from Wednesday’s TPO conference to find in his goodie bag … a shoal of fish.

Nick initially thought it might be a personalised gift just for him, until we persuaded him this was the wrong angle.

So what is the significance of TPO handing out squeezy rubber fish?

Mugs, yes (please ask about our tasteful EYE cuppas). Key fobs (we’re as guilty as the next one). Mouse mats, calculators, bags for life, and Biros – well, we’ve all had those.

We have also been to builders’ conferences where we were given tape measures and spirit levels, which have turned out to be unexpectedly useful.

But fish?

Like the one that got away, it sure escapes us.

Anyone care to float us some ideas?



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  1. smile please

    Looks like the TPO goodie bags have as much relevance as the organisation itself.

  2. Will

    Hey, there not salmons are they left over from the scottish independence elections are they?

  3. Woodentop

    Just when you thought you had a regulatory …. “Gone fishing”.

  4. Gump

    There is a saying that goes ‘You need a sprat to catch a mackerel’ Small fish to catch a large one.

    They clearly think you are a rogue agent!

  5. letmeout

    The relevance may be that you will be ‘gutted’ when they publish next years membership fees?

  6. new life

    Are they trying to imply that they are good at catching things???? obviously not Rouge? criminal agents LOL maybe they should stick to fishing.

  7. mrharvey

    Is this the wrong time and plaice for a fish pun?

  8. nbywater

    Are they also introducing a new Line in Rubber Loaves?


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