IT nightmare for agent as its website is hacked by Islam fundamentalists

Yesterday, a well-known agent’s website was hacked by Islam Warriors.

They used the Gibbs Gillespie website to push their message that human rights are not optional, and that terrorism is not Islam.

At the same time, very loud music was being belted out.

All that could be seen of the Gibbs Gillespie site itself was an image of previous awards and their negotiators at work, plus the live chat – apparently disabled by the hackers – and an invitation to find the firm on social media.

Very shortly after we took this screengrab yesterday afternoon, the site went down completely.

Yesterday evening, a spokesperson for Gibbs Gillespie – a multi award-winning firm with branches across Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire – said: “We closed our site immediately when we became aware of the attack.

“A team of experts is reviewing and upgrading wherever possible all security protocols.

“So far as we are aware, no data leaks have occurred and all personal and financial data held by Gibbs Gillespie remains secure. The site will reopen as soon as we are fully satisfied with the reinforced security.”

This morning, the site is more recognisably that of Gibbs Gillespie, but is still down, with a holding message saying it is undergoing maintenance.

We wish the firm well in trying to get back to order – and since the tweet that alerted us to Gibbs Gillespie’s problem warned that “agents aren’t liked at the best of times”, perhaps our readers should take notice.


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  1. Bless You

    Is it a wordpress site or other popular crm?

  2. Property_Webmasters

    Hope this is all sorted for them now. I am not saying this is the case for Gibbs Gillespie but many Independent agents I have been in contact with don’t seem to care about there own website, they seem to have given up and put themselves through the 3rd party sites now. This is bad you NEED to keep it secure plenty of providers out there for agencies.

    1. PeeBee

      I wonder how many of the “many independent agents” you have been in touch with would be impressed with a website put together by someone with as little care and attention to correct spelling and grammar as you have used on this post?

      Thank goodness there are, as you point out, plenty of providers.

    2. Bless You

      what do you mean 3rd party sites?

  3. Lollipop04

    How awful hope you get it sorted out Gibbs Gillespie it must have left a horrible feeling for you being targeted in such an evil way

  4. CountryLass

    Ok, so to make it known that Terrorism is not part of or approved by Islam, they carry out what can be seen as cyber-terrorism? Surely that’s like having a pig-roast to promote vegetarianism?


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