It may be August before the Scottish housing market reopens

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today revealed her government’s plans to loosen restrictions on lockdown, with a five-point, phased road map.

Scotland is currently in full lockdown and its housing market is unable to properly function.

It now appears that it might be as far away as August before ‘normality’ returns to the property scene in this part of the United Kingdom.

Phase 1, which is due to start on 28th May, will enable Scots to begin to see family and friends in outdoor spaces, workplaces to re-open but only where home working is not possible, and for people to make short journeys.

This period will be used for ‘preparing’ for the reopening of the housing market and the Scottish government says it will work with the property industry on the  relaxation of restrictions on house moves, which will begin during Phase 2 of the plan.

Phas 2 will begin on or after June 18th.

During both Phase 1 and 2 there will be a limited re-opening of schools and house builders will also be able to resume their construction activities.

According to the roadmap non-essential indoor office workplaces such as estate agency branches will only be allowed to re-open during Phase 3, which is likely to begin on August 11th.

The Scottish government warns that the progress of the road map is subject to the ‘R’ rate of infection remaining below 1.

Robin Blacklock, Chair of the Scottish Property Federation, commented:

“We welcome these steps towards re-starting our economy, but there are still considerable questions to be asked of government around the pace and processes for construction sites to reopen.

“We need to see published guidance on the steps contractors and developers need to be making now, in order to integrate these into the plans already being made for a safe and gradual return to work.

“We also note the difference between outdoor and indoor working and there are examples where key indoor work may be done safely in line with COVID-19 safety operating procedures.

“These works will include fit-out operations for businesses and retailers that will be necessary for their successful reintroduction to the economy as the route map unfolds.”

Read the full road map document here.



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  1. GPL

    Patience is wearing thin Nicola.
    The other “patient” ……The Economy, is in just as much danger.
    Time to get back to work ……with the usual safety caveats.
    …..however, it does look like mid June is the reality.
    If it runs for another month or 2 it will be time to start having a “Daily UK Briefing” on the number of businesses that have “Died”.

  2. GPL


    The “Black Comedy” Element surrounding the whole Phased UK re-Opening? ….we can all still trot along to the Supermarket which will have hundreds or thousands moving through it daily, yet an Office or Valuation Visit etc where the numbers are mere fractions and wholly controllable as would be hygiene etc …..they are some sort of ticking time-bomb?


    The more one endures this “phasing” rollout, the more one recognises the disjointed/random/failure to provide solid evidence to support method of moving forward …..the failings should be well documented/scrutinised and acted upon when the reviews begin over how this whole “crisis” was handled.


    The passage of time should not allow those errors/misjudgments to be simply washed quietly away.




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