Industry first? We’ll look after your home while you’re away

An estate agent is offering a new kind of service to home owners which will include watering plants when they are away.

MyLondonHome will look after people’s properties both in their absence and also when a family dependant has moved in and needs help with managing the property.

The firm believes it has spotted a gap in the market, and has launched a new service, Vacant and Owner Occupied Property Management.

It is aimed at London home owners who travel abroad and leave their property vacant, perhaps numerous times a year; at the many wealthy individuals who own a holiday home in London; and at homes where, typically, a younger dependant is living while studying in London.

Services include regular property inspections, with a 24-hour emergency availability; appliance and boiler checks; checking security systems; dealing with problems such as leaks; liaising with neighbours, building managers and police so that they know who to contact if needed; paying bills; sorting post; re-stocking fridges when the householder returns; and arranging airport pick-ups.

A spokesperson for MyLondonHome said: “The service is completely new to the industry and has really encapsulated a true need for those frequently travelling or absent from the property they own.

“Even having a dependant taking their first move away from home can be a very daunting time.

“We will provide the care and attention needed to leave the home owner safe in the knowledge that their property is protected.”

The agents won London Lettings Agency of the Year, and the national title of Small Lettings Agency of the Year in last year’s Times and Sunday Times awards.


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  1. PropertyManagement

    This is not a first. We have been doing this in London since 1988 and currently look over circa 150 properties for vacant management alone. The occupied service is a concierge service which again is widely offered across the capital.

  2. Gump

    Damn! All these clever ideas. I need a clever idea, I’m gonna work on one, I could be a while

    1. wilko

      Why not set up a rater site for agents that look after homes when they are vacant?

      1. Gump

        Haha! Genius

  3. our_paul

    No, not a first I am afraid.  That is something we have been doing for a while now.

  4. Denise

    We’ve been doing this for decades for absent landlords, property owners temporarily away and for second-homers who rent through us.   There will always be a demand for a top-end  bespoke service from people who demand quality service and are prepared to pay a fair and reasonable price for it.


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