Humberts opens its first hub after moving off the high street

Humberts has now opened its new hub in Poundbury, Dorset, while simultaneously launching its lifestyle concierge service, Humberts Living.

The new hub occupies a 5,000 sq ft building, providing office space for the ‘base team’ and a number of property consultants.

Through Humberts Living, the hub will provide a range of other services including gardening, removals, utility-switching and planning.

There is ample parking for clients as well as a club-style lounge for the local community to use for networking and events.

A wider team of property ponsultants will also service the whole Dorset area allowing Humberts to expand their expertise across the county and pooling resources into the hub, overseen by Natalie Hingley, the regional manager.

She said: “The first Humberts hub is leading the way for us as a company in showcasing our new high-tech, high-touch philosophy in a brand new building that is fit for purpose.

“We aim to be a key location for our local community and encourage all those that are interested in what we’re doing to come and say hello.

“I and the team look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces, as well as revealing more exciting updates over the coming months.”

Humberts was bought out of administration in May by holiday lettings firm Natural Retreats, headed by Matt Spence.

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  1. mro123432

    They’ll be lucky to last another year looking at the decline in their stock. Shame.

    1. Leespoon

      Now there’s a surprise! A negative comment to kick us off….. jeez, put a smile on will ya? Agents need to change…. at least they are brave enough to do so.. many others will die whilst they ‘go back to basics’ or ignore the obvious need for new ‘customer centric’ tech… have a nice day tho 🙂

      1. WiltsAgent

        It may be a negative comment but it’s also a accurate one. ‘A Club Style Lounge’ is what I must have been missing for the last thirty years. And as for the ‘Change or die guff’, give me strength!

        1. Barndoor68

          Why do people have to be so negative when someone does something different…

          I personally am intrigued about the hub idea as we ourselves are looking at creating larger central hubs with more staff as we are finding that we are just employing staff to keep the offices open in some smaller towns due to the lack of foot traffic.

          1. AgentV

            Got some ideas for you to help.

      2. mro123432

        have you bothered to actually look at how rapidly their stock is falling?

  2. Bahhumberts

    If anyone wants a sneak peak at Humberts new ‘hub’ office – you could always watch this video.


    One of their new agents explains why he joined Humberts.


    He then proceeds to take the **** out of Estate Agents.


    Humberts certainly keeping up their high end image here.



    1. P-Daddy

      Thanks…this is video gold!! I wondered what happened to The Office in the 21st Century! David Brent RIP 🙂

  3. Bahhumberts

    Anyone who wants a sneak peak of the new office should search ‘Olly Dyke’ on Youtube – he’s certainly keeping up Humberts high end image.

    One of their new recruits explains why he joined Humberts –

    1. AgencyInsider

      Can you hear that loud creaking noise? It is the sound of every expired Humberts partner turning in their grave.

      Good luck young Master Dyke. Your youthful enthusiasm may sustain you for a while – but don’t be surprised when you find that your firm is not getting instructed in the sale of quality properties owned by grown-ups.

  4. J1

    What is a “ponsultant”?

    More at home with PB I would think !!!!


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