Huge change facing property world as gas looks set to be phased out

The property world looks set to be facing an enormous upheaval following the climate change deal in Paris which could see the end of cooking and heating with gas in the UK.

Gas hobs, cookers, fires and boilers could all be phased out within 15 years, with households dumping appliances.

All gas-fired power stations must also close by the mid-2030s, unless they manage to remove CO2 from their emissions.

Around 23m British homes use gas, but the Government wants to see far less reliance on it.

Bob Ward, policy director at the Grantham Research Institute of Climate Change, said that to meet Britain’s commitment to the climate change deal, the days of using gas are numbered.

He said: “Gas cookers will be phased out, probably as soon as possible.

“I suspect manufacturers will simply stop making them.”

The Government is keen for greater take-up of alternative technologies such as heat pumps, and intermittent wind and solar power, in which there would be different energy tariffs charged depending on, for example, whether the day is bright and breezy or overcast and still.

The implications for people buying, selling, renting and letting homes will be enormous if the present and future governments follow through.

Landlords, for example, who are considering refurbishing properties may already want to start thinking about the heating and cooking systems they should put in.

As the 15 years go by, homes with gas central heating could be worth less.

In addition, the EPC industry is likely to be thrown into turmoil, as at present gas systems count for more than electrical ones.

Critics are also pointing out that if 23m homes chuck out all their gas appliances in the next 15 years, that will be an awful lot of landfill.


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  1. Robert May

    This has more to do with the fact we have run out and the Southern North Sea Gas basin is now a big storage facility for imported Russian gas.

  2. smile please

    So if we do not have gas central heating, what do we have??

    Reason Gas is so popular is that it is the most efficient,

  3. BerksSurreyAgent

    I can’t wait for the days when we all have 200 solar panels covering our houses and a wind farm on each roof………

    1. smile please

      Do not forget your very own septic tank!

      1. Robert May

        Methane!  Brilliant!! bagsy I get to crowd fund a shouty bloke who’s full of it!

    2. smile please

      On a serious note, solar panels are hideous!

      Dormers on the front of a property are now a rare breed (thank the lord!), so why are properties allowed solar panels that are a blight?

  4. Property Paddy

    The only “old boiler ” in my gaff is … Oh the old ones are the best!

    Less said the better in case my wife is reading this….. Doh !

  5. Clarkuk

    Weren’t they designing buses that ran on natural gas a couple of years ago?

    It just seems counter productive.

    If we don’t use gas we have to use electricity. electricity is made (mostly) by burning fossil fuels (GAS etc) so if we stop using gas in our homes then we use more electricity therefore more fossil fuels and use more gas, then we are back at the start.

    renewable energy only constitutes a small fraction of what we use and for that to change the technology will have to get cheaper so that the lowest earners (majority of homeowners) can afford them.

    If they aren’t cheap the only people who will gain out of this will be high earners who will be able to reduce their energy intake, congratulations Govt.

    And my last point on this, I live in the NW where we were hit by the recent flooding and electricity blackouts, without gas I wouldn’t have been able to cook, wash or make a cuppa for 3 days.  GOD BLESS GAS


  6. abbie39

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  7. abbie39

    In cold area like Europe always tempreature is very low and heating system is not work proberly.if central heating in milton keynes not work and any problem then you choose to check the professional plumber


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