How to use a property qualification

Property agents have busy working lives. So, there has to be a compelling reason to find time to study for a qualification.

Reasons will differ for each of us. But, whatever they are, they must be overwhelming enough for us to take action. Here are the top ten reasons.

  1. Win instructions. For many years, having experience and skill in the property profession was enough for success. The public are more savvy now. With so many agents to choose from they need a good reason to pick one from the others. High asking price and low commission isn’t it. They want an agent who can guide them through the property process and help them avoid the pitfalls along the way. What better proof of this than an agent with a nationally recognised, property related qualification?
  1. Excellent employment. Want a great job in the property industry? It is interesting to see how many organisations now want new employees to already have a property qualification or obtain one during their employment.
  2. Compete with peers. Unless you’re happy with your present income then you’ll always be in competition with your peers; a good reason to pass a qualification before they do.
  3. When a promotion becomes available and several of you are in contention, having the edge will be critical. Not only does a property qualification demonstrate a level of knowledge and understanding, it also shows a commitment to be the best you can be and that you’re an asset to your employer.
  4. One of an agent’s principal tasks is to persuade customers to choose them instead of the competition. How do you prove your value to them? While your rivals eulogise about their recent sales success, company history and services, you also have a nationally recognised qualification to demonstrate your knowledge.
  5. Law compliant. This probably should have been No 1 on this list! Has there ever been another time when changes in legislation occur with increasing rapidity? And, penalties are becoming ever more severe. Understanding how and why to stay on the right side of the law has never been more important (particularly if you have responsibility for other staff). And, this starts with your qualification studies.
  6. Continuous professional development. This reason for taking a property qualification isn’t a common one. It should be. Sometimes we should do things for no other reason than it helps us grow as human beings and gives personal satisfaction; important to our longevity and success in the business world.
  7. Professional body membership. One route to membership with such professional bodies as the National Association of Estate Agents and Association of Residential Letting Agents is passing a qualification through the National Federation of Property Professionals Awarding Body. Membership is not only proof of your legitimacy in the profession but also the high standards you work to.
  8. Confidence. Nothing gives more confidence at work than knowing we have the necessary knowledge to tackle anything that might come our way. And, if we’re self-assured then this will put the customer at ease and enhance their experience dealing with us.
  9. Enhanced Future Prospects. You may not know exactly what you want to do with your career in the future. Many don’t. Situations change as do plans. The best you can do is lay a solid foundation for whatever may come. This includes having an impressive CV, detailing your expertise, knowledge AND meaningful qualifications. Qualifications don’t only prove knowledge – far from it. They also show your ability to learn, persevere, apply yourself to this task and appreciate the need to commit to continuous professional development; powerful messages to send in a busy job market.

There can be no doubt that qualifications are an important component of any successful 21st century property career. For more details on these call MOL on 0161 203 2103 or go here

* Paul Jager is head of the property division at MOL

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  1. Robert May

    I would be interested to hear opinion about the NAEA claim that ISVA qualifications are; “no longer ‘qualifications’ because the ISVA  as an examinations body has been incorporated (unavoidable pun) into RICS”

    Day release ISVA  together with the day to day practical experience of  surveys and sales  was considered the equivalent to a degree from C.E.M for entry into RICS and prior to NVQ’s etc was the only examination based qualification a working NAEA member could sit.

    I find it slightly odd and a bit contrived that examination qualifications can suddenly not count towards NAEA membership simply because they are not the qualifications that are being currently promoted.

    1. PeeBee

      Dinna worry, Robert – you can always re-join as a ‘Student Member’ – just like me!

      Frankly it beggars belief that what I reckon to be seventy-odd years of combined industry experience, not to mention the £000’s of Membership sub payments received by NAEA from us counts for chuff-all.



      1. Robert May

        Thanks very much Peebee, since 1994 I have been delivering training to Agents and Property Managers, effectively writing the syllabus for best practice client cash accounting and property management.  Rejoining  as a student member and sitting exams lower than I have already studied for, passed, tutored  and written software to deliver just to promote a cause I have supported for 29 years already isn’t an option.


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