Homesearch’s new product allows estate agents to target past contacts

Homesearch has released Re:Contact, a product that the developer says has been developed specifically in response to estate agents’ needs.

Previously, the most frequent question agents were asking Homesearch was “How can we make the most of the contacts we have spent so much time and money to acquire?” This is how Homesearch created Re:Contact: a product designed to help estate agents convert past contacts into future instructions, the company says.

Re:Contact helps estate agents engage their known contacts using relevant market information by identifying those who live in the immediate area of recent successful transactions, are struggling to sell or rent, or have hit an anniversary with their property.

Re:Contact allows agents to call, email or message their contacts at the right time and with the right information.

Re:Contact is believed to be the only solution that combines the power of the agent’s CRM and on-market activity in one product and allows estate agencies to contact homeowners using any communication methods, such as calls, visits or personalised letters.

Giles Ellwood, CEO, said: “Alongside seemingly everything else, the cost of direct mail has risen significantly in the past two years. As well as that, our clients tell us that ‘every agent is sending generic on-market letters’ – meaning they are struggling to stand out and their once-powerful ROI is harder to guarantee. Re:Contact allows agents to reach out to their contacts in truly personal ways, like using WhatsApp, text, handwritten notes, or even personal visits for those agents who like to be on the ground in their patch.”

Ellwood continued “We have always championed the tech-enabled agent, and the three most powerful pieces of ‘PropTech’ out there are having access to the best property data and information, a reliable CRM and now Re:Contact, a massive weapon for agents in the battle for winning more instructions and market share.”

Re:Contact says it offers the following powerful tools:

+ The Market Success tool identifies contacts who are living in the same area as recent successful transactions. This tool enables agents to call their contacts with this positive success message and motivate them to sell or rent their property with them ahead of the competitors’ success letters landing in the contacts’ letterboxes.

+ The On-market tool identifies agents’ CRM contacts struggling to sell or rent with their competitors and enables them to call or message at the time when the client is most likely to be considering switching agents.

+ The Anniversary tool identifies when an agent’s contacts reach an anniversary in their current property, such as at 3, 5, 7 and 10 years, regardless of whether they purchased the property through that agent or a competitor. This allows agents to maintain meaningful relationships and nurture them ready for their contact’s next move.

+ The Market Download tool is the one most requested by Homesearch’s clients, as it allows agents to download a list of on-market properties in their areas that are selling or letting with their competitors. With this list, agents can win over their competitors’ vendors and landlords, by reaching out to them in truly personal ways.

Homesearch say that Re:Contact, which is fully GDPR compliant, will end the need for agents to make “hundreds of irrelevant calls”.

Ellwood continued “Our successful trials of the product in Q1 2024 showed that 53% of clients’ CRM contacts had not been engaged since prior to 2020. These clients, combined with the power of Re:Contact, are an absolute goldmine for agents, allowing them to both lower their costs-to-prospect and win more instructions. Now, agencies don’t have to spend 50p per letter and wait a week for their letter to land in the hope of a callback. Agents can now Re:Contact the people they already know immediately and move that relationship forward.”



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