Home sellers told not to fall for the ‘launch on Boxing Day fallacy’

Nicol & Co has dismissed claims by some estate agents – fuelled in part by the annual marketing push by the main property portals – that Boxing Day is the best day of the year to market a property for sale.

In the run-up to the festive period, several estate agents and online portals – in the past this has included Rightmove and Zoopla – are expected to launch new advertising campaigns as they brace themselves for what is often an increasingly busy post-Christmas rush of online house-hunting, known as the ‘Boxing Day bounce’.

But Nicol & Co rejects the idea that vendors should wait for the inevitable surge of interest in buying homes on Boxing Day, and believes that prospective vendors should act now to sell their property.

The head of Worcestershire’s independent estate agency has warned home sellers not to fall for the “launch on Boxing Day fallacy” – based on the fact that people spend the day after Christmas browsing the internet for their next home.

Matt Nicol, managing director of Nicol & Co, which has offices in Droitwich, Worcester and Malvern, said that there were very good reasons to launch your property now.

The head of Worcestershire’s leading independent estate agents has warned home sellers not to fall for the “launch on Boxing Day fallacy” –  based on the fact that people spend the day after Christmas browsing the internet for their next house.

He explained: “If you wait until Boxing Day, you are competing with thousands and thousands of other sellers who are hoping that casual online browsers will find their property – and actually be motivated to view and buy.

“Serious buyers are already looking. They know that mortgage rates are dropping, prices are steady in Worcestershire, and the Autumn Statement has maintained the stamp duty changes but put a time limit of March 2025 on them.

“And demand is currently exceeding supply, so we are seeing more buyers than sellers which is all the more reason to be marketing your property now.”

He pointed out that fewer listings in December meant less choice for buyers and therefore more likelihood of them choosing to view your property.

Nicol continued: “Serious buyers recognise that mortgage rates have started to decline as the Autumn Statement’s effect on calming the markets has begun to take effect, and they have ensured their mortgage offer is in place.

“This means they are ready to proceed and keen to get moving – literally.”

“If an estate agent is trying to persuade you not to list your property until Boxing Day, I would respectfully disagree,” he added. “By delaying till Boxing Day, you are simply putting your property on the market at the same time as thousands of other properties in your area.

“And unless the number of buyers magically increases by the same factor, then you are just competing with each other for the same pool of buyers with agreed mortgages who can proceed.

“The popularity of the many property programmes on TV demonstrates how people like to look around other people’s homes, but it doesn’t always mean they are serious about buying.

“We are recommending that our clients call us to discuss putting their home on the market immediately and reap the rewards of being ready to sell before Christmas.

“It’s always good to know that one of life’s biggest decisions, to move house, is done and dusted before you break out the mince pies and settle down to enjoy the festive season.”



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  1. 0racle

    Obviously struggling for listings then….

  2. Anonymous Coward

    My experience was that it was always a complete waste of time listing on Boxing Day.  For all I know it might be the busiest day for people visiting the portals, but it never developed into viewings then and there. No-one ever told me two weeks later “Oh, I saw such & such listed on Boxing Day and now I want to book a viewing…”

    It also sets you up for a kicking from your vendors.  “You told me… Why are there no viewings?”

    After 25 years of my own personal experience, if the beginning of 2023 follows an “average year” (as opposed to super busy or super quiet) then viewings start being booked in earnest from the third weekend onwards and offers start getting made thereafter.  The first two weeks are typically quiet and I always concentrated on my running sales and my February & March marketing campaigns.

    Is Blue Monday real?  According to some it is, but scientists consider it to be baseless pseudoscience.  This year it is 16th January 2023.

    I think “trying to be clever” won’t work over the next couple of years.  I think honesty and hard graft will be the only things to get us through.


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