Home Office provides new code of practice for Right to Rent

Letting agents and landlords must familiarise themselves with the latest code of practice for Right to Rent has been issued by the Home Office.

The latest revision has been launched this week to coincide with two measures coming into force imminently – the Immigration Act 2014 (Residential Accommodation) (Maximum Penalty) Order 2023; and the Immigration (Restrictions on Employment and Residential Accommodation) (Codes of Practice) (Amendment) Order 2023.

All landlords and their agents in England have a legal responsibility under the Immigration Act 2014 legislation to prevent those without lawful immigration status from accessing the private rented sector.

Landlords and agents who knowingly rent their properties to unauthorised migrants will face penalties of up to £5,000 per lodger and £10,000 per occupier for a first breach, up from £80 and £1,000 respectively. Repeat breaches could cost them up to £10,000 per lodger, up from £500, and a maximum of £20,000 per occupier, up from £3,000.

To access the latest version of the code, click here.



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  1. Woodentop

    Anyone like to comment why this applies only to England and win a coconut?


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