More buyers ditching high street lawyers for specialist online conveyancing services, claim

Home buyers are favouring specialist conveyancers rather than letting generalist solicitors manage the legal work on their purchase, it has been claimed.

A poll by conveyancing software company InfoTrack found that 43% of home-movers in the last year choose to use a specialist conveyancer in favour of a local solicitor, up from just a quarter of those who moved between one and three years ago.

The research found that 59% of movers are now shopping around for conveyancing quotes, up from 24% of those who moved home three years ago.

More movers are also selecting purely online conveyancers. A fifth of home-movers are selecting a conveyancing service operating through primarily online channels during the legal side of the purchase, which is significantly more than the 8% who chose a similar offering three years ago.

Younger generations were a key driver behind the shift to digital, with 24% of home-movers between the ages of 18 and 24 citing an online offering as the reason behind their choice of conveyancer.

Scott Bozinis, chief executive of InfoTrack, said: “Home movers are now being more critical than ever when selecting a conveyancer.

“The proliferation of digital channels means consumers now have all of the information they need to immediately research prices and compare services to handle the purchase of one of the biggest investments in their lives – a home.

“This clearly illustrates a need to embrace online channels quickly if conveyancers want to stay competitive in a world of discerning digital consumers who are used to the power of making informed decisions using what is available at their fingertips, when they want.”

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  1. mattfaizey

    Firm flogging conveyancing software releases report saying their software is much needed.

    And in other news, Children’s toy manufacturer releases report suggesting 99.7% of children prefer playing with toys, rather than broken glass pieces.

    1. TwitterSalisPropNews53

      So right mattfaizey.

      “Chose to use.”…”are also selecting purely online” – as opposed to being unwittingly herded to these conveyancing ‘specialists’ in return for cash bungs – never mind the quality or absence of quality.

      ‘Conveyancing only’ outfits miss the point that conveyancing impacts a huge range of other necessary legal arrears, where we for one always refer over for complete advice to our other specialist solicitors in our solicitor office…trusts, estate planning, employment, wills, probate, matrimonial, disputes, company, litigation. ross referral in a solicitor office is crucial for complete client care.

      If you view conveyancing in isolation you expose your client.



      1. NewsBoy

        Another dog bites man story.  The only question I would ask is – why???

        We find the factory conveyancing bucket shops quite appalling and unable to provide half the service our buyers and sellers need.

        There are many poor local conveyancers of course but ALL of them are better than the cheap-skate rubbish service from the factories.

        The other questions to ask are:

        Why do they need to pay out £400 referral fee for each case if their service is any good?

        What sort of service can they hope to provide by giving half their fee away?

        I cannot wait for the ban of referral fees to come in and look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with the very good local conveyancers.

  2. ArthurHouse02

    In the main as a buyer/vendor you have 2 choices. Use a quality local solicitor who understands your needs, is available to talk to and you can hand deliver documents should you need to, or an online “conveyancer / convey belt” who is based miles and miles away, doesnt no anything about you, the property you are buying or the area. Communication will generally be abysmal and if you need to do something in a hurry you have no chance. The online company may save you at best a couple of hundred pounds but by assisting you with one of the most important moments of you life, is it worth it – No it is not – use a local company.


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