Has ‘vibrant’ replaced ‘stunning’ in the way properties are now described?

It is just a question, really, but we are hoping our readers know the answer (you usually do).

Has the word ‘vibrant’ replaced ‘stunning’ in property speak?

Homes, of whatever size, price or specification, were always ‘stunning’.

However, the word particularly applied to small flats with tiny balconies somewhere near an industrial trickle of water being marketed as “city living” to off-plan buy-to-let investors.

Ten years ago, it was generally a recipe to lose money.

What bothers EYE is that we are now seeing very similar buy-to-let investments described as ‘vibrant.

Certainly ‘vibrant’ is a  good way of describing  a 20% projected return on investment, according to the latest offer EYE received at the weekend.

That’s not just vibrant – it’s, well, almost too good to be true.

And the apartments are not scheduled to complete until next year.

Please don’t tell us that history is repeating itself.

That said, we are also seeing ‘vibrant’ in  other property details and adverts.

Totally undesirable areas in cities are now regularly described as ‘vibrant’ (we think it means low in policing but high in knife crime and coffee shops with pavement tables) and we have even seen the whole of Cornwall described as ‘vibrant’, which is a liberty we suspect no one would dare take with Yorkshire.





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  1. Property Paddy

    Or you could call a large house “pantagruelic” perhaps ?

  2. GeorgeHammond78

    The one we’re seeing here quite a lot lately, is ‘Plethora’ …….

    Admittedly, most of the users of this awful, awful word are spikey haired, pointy shoed kids from the corporates who are only just learning to read and write but someone really ought to show them the other dictionary meaning. Perhaps then they wouldn’t be quite so keen to misuse it.


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