Happy birthday to you! Listing stayed up a year after sale

How long should a property remain accessible on the internet after it has sold?

A week? A month? Not at all?

Well, according to a blog on the website of Bristol agent Haigh and Sons, one property had remained visible despite completing on July 25.

And just to be clear, that’s July 25 last year.

Surely, as the blog says, it is time for Tepilo to take it down.

But is it a record? We’d be interested to know.

However, when EYE checked yesterday it seems that Sarah Beeny has taken note of the blog and removed the listing which was here


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  1. livingproperty

    I find it hilarious how Sarah Beeny set up an agency and she’s breaking every rule in the book! She should know better than that, surely?!

    Oh wait, sorry, she’s just a TV star that wanted a little extra cash because her show ended, so she jumped on the band-wagon with everyone else that doesn’t know what on earth they’re doing!

  2. Property Ear

    Pay peanuts, you get monkeys – or in this case monkeyesses! She really is out of her depth.


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