Guild members claimed to be dominating new listings in ‘outstanding’ results

Agents who are part of The Guild of Property Professionals have had the highest market share of new instructions so far this year, it has been claimed.

The group commissioned research from agency sector analyst Twenty EA that apparently shows Guild members made up 5.17% of new instructions between January 1 and March 7.

The next estate agency brand is said to represent 3.98% of market share.

However, both Twenty EA and the Guild declined to provide the full results and would not divulge who else is mentioned in the research.

The research apparently shows that the Guild, which has more than 800 members, had the highest market share percentage on exchanges in the UK at 5.55%.

Iain McKenzie, chief executive of the Guild, said: “Over the past few years The Guild has seen substantial growth and expansion. As a result, its representation of the current market share of instructions has also grown.

“These outstanding statistics are a testament to the calibre of our membership.

“We are very selective in whom we have as members and always ensure that The Guild representative in the region is one of the best agents in the area.”


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  1. Shaun77

    Why are they talking about the Guild as a brand and comparing it to singularly branded agents?

    It isn’t a single brand agency at all, just a way for small independents to try and present themselves as something bigger than they are.

  2. ArthurHouse02

    Why do Twenty EA conduct research but then not make the results available to anyone. How can anyone vouch for its accuracy, when it could be completely made up or at best weighted in the clients favour.

  3. Hamblin10

    Sounds like a advert to me.

  4. AgencyInsider

    I am instantly sceptical of ‘research’ commissioned and paid for by the entity that then touts the result to big up their business. He who pays the piper, and all that…

  5. Sunbeam175

    We were ‘Guild’ members because supposedly we were the ‘chosen ones’ in our area as we were allegedly the best agent in the area. We decided after a year it was a waste of time and now other agents in our area are ‘the chosen ones’ as they are the best in our area. What a waste of time and money!

  6. J1

    No they aren’t

    This is bunkum surely?


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