Gold Award winners of the Best Estate Agent Guide announced

The Gold Award winners of the Best Estate Agent Guide 2022 have now received their exclusive invite to the Awards Ceremony at EA Masters Live on November 3rd at Evolution in Battersea, London.

Less than 5% of all the estate agents have received a Gold Award so if you are one of the winners, this officially makes you one of the best agents in the country.

Winning agents that want to attend EA Masters and accept their award certificate on stage from a celebrity presenter will need to act fast to take advantage of early bird ticket prices, which end midnight Friday 17th September. After Friday, prices will increase by £100 per ticket.

They will be able to celebrate in style at the awards ceremony and enjoy a 3 course lunch with wine followed by the much-loved EA Masters after-show party.

Sarah Kemp of Property Academy, producers of the Best Estate Agent Guide, told EYE: “Winning a Best Estate Agent Guide Gold Award is a highly coveted achievement which gives a point of difference in an increasingly competitive market. It recognises the incredible service provided by the top agents throughout the pandemic and brings a hugely proud moment for estate agency leaders and their teams.”

Every year the Property Academy carries out the biggest performance assessment in the estate agency industry. In line with the evolving digital landscape and changes in customer behaviour, this year saw some positive and exciting changes to the rigorous methodology used to determine who the best agents are in the UK and for the first time in its history, included a digital assessment.

The first stage of the process involves an analysis of property listings over a six-month period to establish which agencies outperform the competition in their patch based on criteria including Property Marketing and Results.A professional marketing agency was then commissioned to conduct a thorough assessment of agencies’ websites looking at 36 individual factors relating to Marketing and Customer Service. A mystery shop was also carried out by a team of professional mystery shoppers.

This in-depth evaluation was the biggest of its kind in the industry and determined which agencies are listed in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2022 and shortlisted for an award at EA Masters.

Sarah Kemp added: “It has become evident that customers want to engage with agents anytime of the day and night, so it was surprising to see only 13% of businesses were utilising a web chat functionality. There is great opportunity for agents to improve their online profile and overall website offering, with several expert suppliers providing successful solutions in this space at the EA Masters expo including Moneypenny, PropertyStream, Starberry, Giraffe 360, Holofy Spaces, Reputation, Offr, Focal Agent, DCTR & Finch.”

To find out if you are a Best Estate Agent Guide Award Winner 2022 and will be listed in the Best Estate Agent Guide click this link now. From here you can also purchase tickets for EA Masters at the early bird rate and save £100 per ticket, ends midnight 17th September 2021.

Here is the link to tickets:

Homesearch EOS

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  1. Bosky

    OK, I will go first, and maybe the last as well!

    The lack of replies to this post confirms my thoughts:- who cares.

    1. jan - byers


  2. DASH94

    We were shortlisted but I didn’t get the email asking me to agree to make a financial contribution if we won 🙂

    I’ll be  honest, I was pretty ticked off to find out that 2 leads that we received and to which we gave our usual care and attention were actually spoofs and the staff – who are working flat out as it is, have had their time gratuitously wasted.   Maybe just us, but really bad timing, when half the office is being pinged and the rest are now taking holiday time that they didn’t use in the first half of the year.



  3. Ding Dong

    so you have to pay to collect an award? and then get loads of sales waffle by others at the night.

    they mystery shop all estate agents?  is that correct, or only a select few, with half decent looking websites, using technology, they flog.

    A little like Tom Hanks in BIG, *i dont get it*

    1. DASH94

      You pay an amount – not a great amount, £300 or so and for that you get a lot of marketing stuff that shows you’re the winner.  It’s worth the money to be honest, but if you don’t agree to purchase the marketing stuff, you dont get the award.


      1. OverratedAgent

        We were overall winners of best small a few years back, and whilst i dont much care for these awards, the marketing material is very good

    2. letstalk

      You only get ‘assessed’ if you are on Rightmove.
      Good luck to all those that have been a part of this and have been short-listed to be honest, I hope they market the heck out of it (they clearly do care about what they do) and enjoy the day, there is no doubt that events like this are fun and brilliant for team building.
      That being said, the awards are not the ‘best agents in the country’ because half of them haven’t been assessed as they are no longer on Rightmove.

  4. Woodentop

    A mystery shop was also carried out by a team of professional mystery shoppers.


    Lol, no you didn’t, you picked a few out of 20,000 that you thought looked like contenders or that you could fill the vacancy.


    I do hope (doubt it as all the other so called ‘Awards’) add a disclaimer in following winning announcement that conditions applied to be considered and is not representative of the industry as a whole and misleading to the consumer.

  5. Simon Bradbury

    Hi Bosky – I certainly care.

    In the past some of our branches have won an award in this excellent initiative and some have not – but I really do think it is an outstanding idea, encouraging firms that do care to celebrate their success or otherwise.

    I’ve also noticed that a number of other agents have proudly posted about their own award nominations and I congratulate them all – they clearly also care too!

    1. Woodentop

      You mean the ones that paid for the award and don’t tell the public that their award is not representative of the local industry.
      [Sentence removed as it breached posting rules]

    2. Bosky

      I hear what you say; and, if it is important to you, then you want to shout about your success by placing that coveted Gold Award proudly on your office window.
      Personally, I do not need an award, whether bought or not, to tell us that we are doing a great job.
      The problem with these awards is that it appears only about 10% of agents were assessed, thereby rendering the award a bit of a fraud in my view as it suggests the other 90% of agents failed the test, whereas they were simply not assessed in the first place. And if Dash94 is correct, the award has to be bought, in which case, does this suggest it is in the interest to of EA Masters to issue Gold Awards. It all just creates doubt and devalues the award.
      To all the untested 90% and the others who were tested but did not want or been given the opportunity to buy the award, CONGRATUALTIONS

    3. jan - byers

      I am a developer as a customer I could not care less about these so called awards

      I know that anyone who wins has paid for a table – made a financial contribution etc

      The only winner is the people who organise this rubbish

      They are worthless


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