Knightrider 2: How to get lost in America – all in a good cause

Peter Knight’s charity cycle marathon in America blog: Part two

A 140K ride became 150K after four of us broke away from the main group, unintentionally, and after 20 minutes realised we were lost.

Although we knew we were stopping for lunch in Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, we had no idea of the precise location: schoolboy error number one.

The issue was compounded by the four of us having differing opinions of how to get back on track, one of which would have involved negotiating Interstate 93 – not a good idea!

Eventually, thanks to a combination of Apple maps on the iPhone, several local people and a very helpful policeman, we got back on track. In total we were riding for eight hours so were quite relieved that today is shorter at just 100K – riding from Narragansett to New London.

As has been the case with all the adventures I’ve had raising funds for Velindre, we are accompanied by many of the doctors and researchers who work for the charity seeking “victory over cancer”.

Their insight into a world of scientific endeavour is fascinating and makes one realise just how challenging their mission is: sometimes years of work can result in a dead end – I cannot imagine how frustrating this must be.

On a positive note, it’s fascinating to learn how new equipment has been developed to provide treatments that can negate the need for chemotherapy and, as one in three of us will be affected by cancer, this has to be good news.

I do hope that you will have your own stories to share from your support of Agents Giving’s Great British Property Cycle and you have the whole of September to get on your bike and raise funds for the industry’s charity.

You don’t have to ride 515K across America! A cycle to work, a session in the gym or even a weekend trip – anything that will enable you to raise sponsorship will do. Alternatively you can donate here and support my efforts:

For more information on how to get involved in the Great British Property Cycle, email

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