Gazeal partners with Landmark to ‘reshape the way property transactions are conducted’

Gazeal has agreed a new strategic partnership with Landmark, allowing buyers and sellers to lock in their sale or purchase at the very beginning, showcasing their commitment to the transaction.

The partnership enables Gazeal to closely collaborate with Optimus, Landmark’s panel of conveyancers, and offer their reservation services as an option for home movers.

Gazeal says this new approach is designed to protect all parties involved, mitigating the risk of the transaction collapsing and provide much-needed trust and certainty in the process.

The announcement follows Landmark’s recent launch of LandmarkConnect, a series of digital hubs aimed at streamlining the home buying and selling process, increasing digitisation, and fostering industry collaboration to eliminate weeks of delay and uncertainty.

Bryan Mansell, CEO of Gazeal, commented: “It is great to collaborate with Landmark, an organisation that prioritises the customer’s needs. Through this partnership, we can provide our clients with greater levels of certainty which are currently lacking in the market. Together, we strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences and ensure stress-free and secure home moving journeys.”

Giuliano Grazioli, sales director at Optimus, added: “In an industry where trust and clarity are paramount, this partnership between Gazeal and Landmark, two forward-thinking organisations, marks a significant step towards revolutionising the property market. Our commitment to providing speed, certainty, and security for home movers will undoubtedly reshape the way property transactions are conducted in the UK.”



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