Foxtons explains big surge in Google reviews

Foxtons has explained why there has been a huge jump in the number of Google reviews over the last two or three weeks.

The firm said that every single one is completely genuine and that Foxtons has been delighted by the response.

EYE asked the firm for a comment after a reader – another agent – drew the sheer number of Google reviews of Foxtons branches to our attention.

Notably, the reviews are very positive indeed, and name specific members of staff.

A Foxtons spokesperson told EYE that the reason for the large bounce in the number of Google reviews was down to a change in company policy.

She said: “We used to direct our customers to allAgents, but now we are directing them to Google reviews instead.

“In another change, our individual staff members are encouraged to get reviews. We have all been delighted at the response.”

She added: “Of course we are aware that all rating websites are open to trolling and abuse, so we do police the reviews.”

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  1. Isaac Hunt

    Amazing. I will definitely use Foxtons after reading those reviews. NOT!!!

    1. PeeBee

      Hey, Isaac – hope you’re well.

      Please say HI to your brother, Warwick, for me.  We lost touch a while ago.

      1. Isaac Hunt

        Warwick? My brother’s name is Mike.

        1. PeeBee

          Oh sorry – I meant your twin cousin.

          Mention me to his brother, Yorick, also, please… ;o)

  2. smile please

    I hope somebody at google sees this and penalises them. Obvious what has happened.

  3. Isaac Hunt

    Bit too gushing don’t you think. Do you think he fancies her? Perhaps they are actually a couple. Perish the thought!

    mohammad vaziri
    2 weeks ago

    I have an excellent experience with Foxtons Chiswick branch because of my professional and efficient agent, Faii Mohamad. Foxtons is the best agent I have met so far.
    Faii is full of knowledge, honest and always gives good advice. She is just amazing.
    I have been dealing with her for a month now looking for a flat to rent because I have a very specific requirements which makes it difficult to find quickly what I am looking for. Although, she has been trying her best to find my ideal flat.
    I am very happy with her service and I highly recommend her to my friends/colleague.
    I would like to give a special thanks to Faii Mohamad for her help.

    1. pierce

      *** VOMIT ***

  4. pierce

    Note to PIE

    When I click the reviewer, up comes a map of the area where I live – So I suspect your IP address is in America for some reason?

  5. marktristan

    Interesting. So on allAgents they had 10 reviews in 4 years, avg rating 3.2 out of 5. Then with this change in company policy, they have garnered 81 reviews in two weeks, avg rating 4.6

  6. GlennAckroyd

    There are 78 Foxtons reviews here;


    1. Isaac Hunt


    2. JSSoxted58

      That is quite an interesting comparison to the reviews….

  7. AgencyInsider

    What nausea-inducing guff. Whoever signed this off should be given their marching orders. Simply dreadful.

  8. mrharvey

    Not sure if April fool…

  9. Property Paddy

    OK this is not an April fool.

    I sold a flat in Putney using Foxtons, (1990’s) they charged more than the other agents but got me £5K more than other agents said we would get, no complaint from me (particularly as the viewing took place at 10PM at night and the buyer was accompanied by the chap from Foxtons)

    So as an estate agent to another I have to say they aren’t bad.

  10. Trevor Gillham

    Where’s RaterAgent today?

    1. PeeBee

      Still dodging my last question from the other day…

      1. Mal

        Argh! Can’t believe I missed this. Am I allowed to plead that I was busy finalising raterAgent’s “10p to homelessness charity per review” initiative, starting tomorrow? (I don’t usually like to talk about our charity work, of course, but you did wonder where I was…!)

        This is interesting. You’re not allowed to incentivise people – and they’re not allowed to receive incentives – to leave good reviews (CPR). Google reviews are really, really hard to leave because you have to get the client to sign up as a Google Plus user. That means giving the US company personal details that many are uncomfortable with.

        So this agent has, in the space of a month, convinced hundreds of people (without incentivising them) to sign up to Google Plus and leave great reviews.

        Many spent a long time wondering how certain agents were able to get so many great reviews on Trustpilot – then Lovepad showed them this week. If there is something awry here – and, for clarity, I’m not saying that there is – I suspect that it might unravel similarly, with Google having to act to protect its credibility.

        PeeBee, apologies, I can’t dig out your question that I’m hiding from. Could you please paste it in this thread and I’ll answer? I genuinely do want to know what you’re asking. Cheers, Mal

        1. PeeBee

          Now then, Mr Mal!

          I see you did actually find the thread – but so this gets answered one way or another I will post the latest question here also:

          So, ‘Mal’ – I now realise I got it wrong when I said you’d previously stated that the ‘three strikes and you’re off the site’ rule was in place.  Apologies – I’m getting you mixed up with Rightmove… who I am 100% certain have no intention whatsoever of carrying out their stated punishment to persistent #portaljugglers

          But – this is what you actually stated back last June here on EYE:

          We are meticulously building evidence against repeat offenders and there will come a time, I’m sure, when we will have to ‘name and shame’ which agents are continually flouting our rules regarding fake reviews.

          In the same article thread, one of your staff jumped into the discussion, stating:

          I can assure you we do not take lightly to cheaters, this is the last resort but we do indeed name and shame those who try to game our system multiple times.

          [in the other article], you state

          …we warn individuals who fake reviews by emailing them that they may find their reviews published with ‘FAKE’ across them if they continue to do so. No one has tried this more than twice.

          So – with that correction in mind, I will ask an amended version of the same question set:

          How many, to date, have you actually taken the plunge and ‘named and shamed’ for such behaviour?*

          How many are currently on ‘2 strikes’?

          And how many have, as far as your checks can make out, sinned just the once so far?

          * I ask this simply because your and Mr Mann’s statements are contradictory.  HIS gave the clear impression that Agents have been ‘named and shamed’ whereas yours states the opposite.

          Thank you in advance.

  11. Garygary

    It does seem an incredible coincidence that just about every Foxtons review mentions a staff member by name. Check out Google reviews for other agents and, would you believe it,  barely a mention of any individuals only the company itself. Google you need to investigate Foxtons they are taking the pee!



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