Four in ten sellers would use an online agent, claims research (although one it mentions doesn’t exist)

Almost half – 42% – of sellers would use an online agent for their next move, it has been claimed.

New research, from comparison website GoCompare, suggests that 7.3m sellers “would happily do more work to sell their home in exchange for lower estate agents’ fees”.

The press release adds that “35% would now use an online agent such as Purple Bricks, Tepilo, or Emoov”.

However, Tepilo no longer exists and has not done so since the Emoov group of which it was part went into administration last December. Purplebricks spells its name as one word, not two.

The press release goes on: “Online agents charge much lower fees to market properties than traditional estate agents but, home owners are required to conduct viewings and handle negotiations.

“The survey also found that a handful of sellers would cut costs by taking a complete DIY approach to selling their property; 8% would sell privately through advertisements on social media or in newspapers, 1% would even consider raffling their home.

“Traditional estate agents remain the preferred choice of most (57%) home owners, particularly those in older age groups.

“Home owners aged 55 and older were the most likely to make a future sale through a traditional estate agent.

“Older home owners are more likely to be involved in a complex chain of house sales, which might require more time and expertise to keep the sale together.”

GoCompare did its research among 2,004 adults in May.

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  1. ArthurHouse02

    This sort of “research” is bizarre or just completely made up….also very patronising, basically claiming old people need to use a proper estate agent because only they will be in complex chains.

    Facts – “online” agents arent much cheaper in many parts of the country once all the add ons are included the price is comparable

    – Their vendors arent required to do viewings, but they often have to pay extra for the service

    – complex chains exist no matter how old the vendor is

    – When talking about other routes of selling, please state that vendors would TRY and sell privately etc. Its not a guaranteed route to a buy.

    Bottom line GoCompare, if you are going to make up research at least talk to someone who actually knows about the housing market first.

  2. Gruntfuttock

    GoCompare is itself an online company so of course it is going to favour an online agent as opposed to a traditional agency.. Anyway, 95% of statistics are made up, …. aren’t they?

    And shouldn’t the publishers of these press releases also take some responsibility for checking their authenticity before releasing them, especially this one, which is complete garbage?

    1. Rory Naughton Leeds

      “95% of statistics are made up” – love it!

  3. NotAdoctor32

    4 in 10 would.

    0.4 in 10 do.


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