Former Your Move boss is announced as next CEO of Property Franchise Group

The Property Franchise Group has announced its next CEO.

Gareth Samples will succeed Ian Wilson, who last July announced his intention to retire at the end of this year.

As EYE revealed this week, Samples has joined TPFG to work on key projects including one called ‘golden fleece’ which will assess the direction of the group’s hybrid agency, EweMove.

Yesterday, TPFG confirmed that Samples will take the top job, joining the board as CEO in the second half of this year.

Samples has 30 years’ experience in the industry, including a 21-year career at LSL Property Services.

He is the former managing director of Your Move, which was the country’s largest single brand estate agency at the time.

In that role, he was responsible for Your Move’s franchising operation, as well as having overall control of financial services and lettings.

After leaving YourMove, he became managing director of digital marketing specialists Briefyourmarket. Since 2014, he has been chairman of Legalforlandlords.

Yesterday, TPFG said it will be making a further announcement regarding Samples’ appointment “in due course”.

Richard Martin, who founded Martin & Co which became the cornerstone of today’s TPFG and of which he is now chairman, said: “Gareth’s excellent credentials in agency are well known and his vision and experience will prove invaluable.”

Outgoing CEO Ian Wilson said: “After 16 years with the business, identifying my successor was a significant decision.

“We have benefited from a tight and stable board since the IPO in December 2013, with no change in chairman, CEO or CFO, and this board has proven to be an engine for growth.

“We are delighted that Gareth is joining the team as CEO designate, as he brings a wealth of industry experience and shares our vision of franchising as a powerful force in our industry.

“Gareth will be working alongside me and the rest of our team over the coming months in preparation for his formal appointment later this year. Gareth will be introduced to investors at our final results roadshow in April.”

Samples said that he is determined to “build further upon the incredible work carried out by Ian and the team.”

TPFG’s shares have been riding at a high, although yesterday they closed down some 2% at 228p. 

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  1. Robert_May

    I have followed the Martin and Co story since it’s early days when I was invited to an office in Yeovil (1995) and Mr. Martin explained  his vision for a franchise agency. I have seen the vision delivered, succeed and handed over to Ian who has done an outstanding job of growing and floating the group.


    I couldn’t work out who they would find to replace Ian but Gareth seems a sound and solid appointment, well qualified to continue a project many have derided in the past.


    Congratulations Mr. Samples, well done Ian and for you Mr. Martin…. respect! You did what you said  you were going to do and you’ve done it in a way many others could learn from.

  2. Hillofwad71

    Good luck to him  and let’s hope he  is able to sprinkle the Martin’s fairy dust on Ewemove  and it will be interesting  to see what changes The Golden Fleece brings

    Yet more disappearing franchisees there  although you would never know it as they are still showing on  Ewemove’s  website  Ewemove Harrogate Tom Lawrence and his son Finlay, Ewemove Ripon are now trading as TLC Yorkshire Properties

    TLC Yorkshire are showing as having  9 properties  for sale on Rightmove


      Thank you once again for your inciteful comments.

      Once again bringing personal details to the forefront. I think you’re the only person on this platform to have this approach.

      Respect to those on this thread that are able to provide constructive comments, positive or otherwise without a consistent approach of rubbishing people personally.


      1. Hillofwad71

        Well announcing the Lawrences TLC  Yorkshire  Properties  who already publicall list on Rightmove venture and good luck to them certainly  not rubbishing them .

        However Ewemove for best reasons  known to themselves   still have them as active franchisees on their website which must be a little confusing  to the public.


        There are a couple of other franchisees with  no current instructions on site where the chatline don’t know if they are still  operating

        ”  I think they must be the only operation to have this approach” in your parlance


        What is certain is the rate of franchisees disappearing has unfortuantely  not stalled far from it.  No  doubt Gareth will be giving his full attention , already announced the new  Golden Fleece initaitive  and unlikely  to be trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes


        Still surprises me your lack  of  concern for the drop in numbers and the welfare of some of your former colleagues whose experience at Ewemove has left them in a chasm of debt and all  the stress that involves


        There is one poor lady who gave up her franchise  up North last year. Recent name change for the company

        She has recently had to take  out a hefty loan charged on  the comapny  with a secondary bank .Her last accounts submitted last November showed her total deficit  had increased from  £57K to  78k

        Also faced with her annual  creditors ballooning from £74k to a mind blowing £156k ! She is no longer in the industry and let’s hope she will be in a position to pay the debts off


        Her experience with Ewemove such that she has removed all association with them from her Linkedin profile

        I wonder what careful shepherding she enjoyed



          “Still surprises me your lack  of  concern for the drop in numbers and the welfare of some of your former colleagues whose experience at Ewemove has left them in a chasm of debt and all  the stress that involves”

          I hope you’d agree my passionate responses demonstrate the fact I hate to see people I’ve worked alongside, some for a long time, people I would class as friends, decide to step away from EweMove.

          Decisions I’ve no doubt not taken lightly and and could propably do without your commentary here. But hey you seem to enjoy revell in it.

          Maybe take up a hobby or something.



          1. Hillofwad71

            “Decisions not taken lightly”

            Some had no choice  having accumulated debt so severe likely to have a profound effect for the rest of their lives  lives

            Then those you class as friends  surely those who have  suffered life changing debts which increased year on year  surely the managerment should have got involved sooner and mitigated  their losses Believe me that wasn’t doing your friends a favour .

            You fail to address or acknowledge that

            This shouldn’t have happened what about that poor lady I have just given you an example So bitter was her experience at Ewemove she has airbrushed it from her Linkedin



  3. houseseller

    Over 6 years out of the front line agebcy -risky business

  4. Whaley

    An absolutely superb piece of business, Martin & Co have done really well there, Gareth is one of the most impressive characters in the industry. Having dealt with him from both his agent days to his move across to the supplier area of focus with the likes of Brief Your Market I can hand on heart say he very much stands out on the crowd and I think that experience of having been on the supplier side of the fence will give M&Co a different angle to looking at issues that should service him really well.

    Level headed, with a superb strategic mind and an ability to make complex issues simple I would be sure one of the main reasons M&Co have made this move.

    Best of luck to him, not that he’ll need it.

  5. estate_agent

    It will be interesting to see whether he consults his franchisees first before making big decisions and changes. The plan to move the network away from jupix would be a big mistake if he carries this out as 95% of the franchisees dont want this to happen due to huge negative impact on business disruption.

    With his experience in lettings, estate agency, franchising and financial services it seems a good appointment.


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