Former Local Property Expert with Purplebricks asks Trustpilot to remove over 250 reviews

A former Local Property Expert with Purplebricks has asked Trustpilot to take down all 252 of his reviews.

Cameron Carter says he has spoken to the reviews site after taking legal advice.

On LinkedIn, he has said that if everyone who left Purplebricks were to have their reviews removed, about 33,000 would be gone.

His post has generated mixed reactions.

One territory owner with Purplebricks says: “Not doing yourself any favours when that’s how you treat previous employers, Cameron.”

But another poster says: “I could write a book about how horrendous working there was. You are a slave. There’s no real agency involved as they’ve totally stripped it out.”

In response to that, a poster says: “This couldn’t be a more accurate comment. If any agent reading this wants to work 75 hours a week and have no life, have murders with your partner at home and get paid, well, very averagely . . . Purplebricks is just the ticket.”

Another poster takes issue with the description of Purplebricks being ‘employers’, saying: “At no point were LPEs employed . . . Where’s our holiday pay, where’s our pension contributions, where was our minimum wage?”

But a current LPE says: “I’m a bit baffled mate, you should be proud of every single one of those reviews that you generated. I’m still immensely proud of the Trustpilot [reviews] that I’m mentioned in from my Your Move days. There is no logic in undoing all your hard work.”

To this Carter replied saying that he was proud: “I did a great job and gave 100% to every customer . . . however, I am not happy for them to help a business that has now changed and lost the heart and soul of what it once was.”

He goes on: “The reviews are accurate and true. However, I didn’t give authority for them to be used. The reviews are on me, hence mentioning me and as such do not belong to Purplebricks.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Carter was an LPE with Purplebricks for just over a year in Southampton, and then did a further 20 months as a training manager with the firm.

He is now a regional partner with Spicerhaart.

In the past, he has worked for Countrywide and Connells.

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  1. ArthurHouse02

    Something else is going on here. If he worked for PB for so long i cant imagine (unless he’s seen the light) that his morale compass is strong enough to push him to do this. Is it a criminal offence yet to post fake reviews?

    1. ARC

      moral not morale

      1. ArthurHouse02

        Fair point that ARC, its a word i’ve always struggled with.

        1. ARC

          That’s the spirit don’t lose morale!

  2. OnlineEA

    Whilst we all have opinions, good and bad of former employers in whatever guise, there is a shortsightedness of publicly attacking your former firm in this way.  His current bosses will be  thinking troublemaker and even future bosses will remember his name for the wrong reasons.  There is a way to go about your business and this isn’t the way to do it.

    1. AgentQ73

      The reviews are from when he was self employed though sonof his business not PB. Remember LPEs are definitely not employed despite having to do exactly what PB want when they want and being micromanaged definitely not employed.

    2. ARC

      Which is probably why he has worked for at least four of the stack em high, burn em out and churn the staff agents in the country.

    3. s71

      What happens when he wants to leave Spicerhaart???

      1. Knowitall

        He has from my understanding. Working in another industry hence the not caring of anyone opinion. However if it’s what I hear he has a right to be aggrieved… 

  3. Chris Wood

    All reviews posted about the service on Trustpilot are not of Purplebricks but of the individual LPE.

    Using Trustpilots own guidelines/ rules and those of Trading Standards/ CMA etc, a review can only pertain to the company/ person being reviewed. Therefore, all reviews (good and bad) made of ex LPEs must be removed and, current LPEs reviews must be individually allocated to that separate business.

    I cannot post the logical conclusion as it would be (understandably) removed by Ed’.

  4. Gloucester_Agent

    If I was to see this from somebody I was about to job offer to I would not go on to offer the job. A lack of class and decorum.

    1. Knowitall

      I’m sure theres a lot more behind it. However we moan about PB and when someone wants speak up about it try shut it down? Makes sense.

    2. s71

      there is more to this then what he says,
      he should be proud of the reivews he got while working for Purplebrick as PB was a platform for him to perform and that performace he can advertise to his future employers. Here he has shot himself!!!
      i would never off this guy a job with the attitude he has got

  5. Mothers Ruin

    Much as I despise Purplebricks I agree with you on this. Perhaps the same could be said about a self-employed franchisee but at the end of the day the franchisor still technically owns the territory and the name of the business. Definitely more to this than meets the eye otherwise you would be proud of the reviews and refer future customers and employers to them at every opportunity.

  6. smile please

    Seems odd reading the comments on here maybe i am missing something?


    He was self employed, he has left the network he was part of and taken his personal brand with him. Makes all the sense in the world to ask for the reviews to be removed.


    I would have no issue in offering him a job. In fact i have actively encouraged new recruits joining in the past to walk out of their current role and join my firm. I don’t care about the reference (they may which is why some stay). And some of those i have employed in the past have had to chase up numerous times their ex employer to remove them for the website “Meet the team”

  7. Keyser Söze

    His posts appear to have been taken down. A slap down from the PB legal team I think!

  8. .Twit.

    I can quite understand his position. If I had worked for a company with not the best reputation for customer service then I would not necessarily want the connection to be made with the new company I was working for. This would apply to the employer as well. No reviews are better than a load of reviews linking him with PB.

  9. PeeBee

    In a rather appropriate twist, it appears that the LinkedIn thread has been #NUKED.

    Just like 000s of Trustpilot reviews that Purplebricks don’t want to be seen…


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