Forget the smell of freshly baked bread – how about cannabis for luring buyers?

Agents in the States are using cannabis themed parties to help sell properties.

The Times reports this morning that in Los Angeles, where cannabis for recreational use is legal, agents have been hosting parties where potential buyers can try out various types of cannabis.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a four-bedroom house in Hollywood Hills on sale for $9.5m used cannabis to attract attention after cutting the asking price several times. Potential buyers and agents were invited to a seven-course meal, accompanied by seven different varieties of cannabis.

Ben Quibrera, an estate agent in Beverly Hills, said that he recently sold a $3.45m mansion in  LA after inviting 100 guests to a cannabis laboratory-themed event at the home, with organisers dressed in laboratory coats.

He said that the house sold two days later to a couple whose agent saw pictures of the party on Instagram.

It won’t of course ever happen here – that Instagram thing, that is.



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  1. SamH

    Niche marketing 101 (or is that 420?) If it gets results, it gets results.


    I’d want to make sure the people who made offers were bindingly sober, though.

  2. fluter

    That’s one way to weed out the time wasters from the serious buyers

  3. RadPropertyDude

    Sellers, this is something you should hash out with your estate agent.  It could be a drag if it doesn’t work.

  4. davehedgehog

    Only a seven course meal! Might need a bit more than that.


  5. RichRep

    I’d try it around here, but someone would grass

  6. Cheesybiscuits

    Only pot luck if it actually works


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